A Feminist Resolution

I love making a long list of resolutions and plans at the start of a new year.   I make resolutions for each area of my life - physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, and work.  And this year, I’m going to add a few resolutions in the feminist column too. January is related to the Roman god Janus who was able to look forward and backward in time.  I don’t want to live the same year over and over again – and it’s easy to fall into a “busy life” rut that gets boring and stale.  I think reflection and planning are important because time seems to go by so fast now.  I want to make sure I’m getting something valuable out of my year and my life instead of floating down the path of least resistance. So here are my 3 feminist resolutions for 2012. #1 – Re-Educate Myself I need to update my knowledge of feminist literature and schools of thought.   I’m far overdue for a refresher course and a lot has changed since I was a women’s studies student 10 years ago. Too many dinner parties have gone by where someone has asked me a question on feminist theory or recent legislation and I’ve mumbled bumbled fumbled for a coherent answer.   And its moments like those when feminists can make an impact with people who don’t read our blogs! So, this year I’m going to read a few of the 100 best feminist books and make a point to read more of the excellent blogs that are out there.  I want to be more effective with my message so I need to be current and relevant with what’s going on. #2 – Get Politically Active This is an election year, and I want to boost my involvement.  Women’s reproductive rights have taken some tough hits this year, and I want to help protect women’s health and choice.  The last time I was heavily involved was ….. 8-10 years ago.  These issues are important to me, yet I haven’t spent any time actively working on them.  Giving money is not enough for me this year.   I need to get off the sidelines, so this year I am going to find ways to help elect candidates that support women’s issues. #3 – Expand My Circle of Giving And speaking of giving money, I want to change how I have been supporting organizations that work on women’s issues.  Fellow Fem2.0 blogger Maggie Arden wrote recently about navigating the waters of donating to female candidates, which got me thinking.  For years, I have been supporting Planned Parenthood faithfully each month.  And in a way, I think that has made my involvement and focus in women’s issues one-dimensional.   Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization with a valuable mission – and there are other organizations doing incredible work on behalf of women that need support too.   I want to learn about other organizations and other causes, so this year I’m going to support a different non-profit each month. The tough part about resolutions is keeping them, so I plan to report back on how I’m doing.  What are your 2012 resolutions?   Photo Credit: Gwilmore via Creative Commons

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