This is where life happens—the places in between!

What do we remember about our neighborhood and the people we pass on the street each day? What do you remember about the street? These places and people make up the diversity of a neighborhood community. Physical geography and memories show that, while they share the common ground of Adams Morgan, they are ever changing as spaces between us. I walked around the public places in Adams Morgan a few days ago, a lovely Saturday afternoon – the playground at a community center, parks, the kiosk on 18th, the sidewalk, and no one pays me any mind for taking pictures. Some are polite and stop walking so they won’t be in my shot. They smile at me as if I were some mix between a tourist and a photography student. My camera picks up the gaps between pedestrians and buildings, wrought iron gates and posted fliers. The Event, Tedx AdamsMorganWomen will have a range of pieces from four different artists. A dance performance by Angela Ingram of Joy of Motion will borrow the stage from the Speakers and invite audience participation. Madeline Cutrona assisted by Emily Campbell, will draw and erase barriers, highlighting the idea of objects, their removal and breaking down the surface of paper. Cecilia Cackley of Wit’s End Puppets will bring the fixings for event goers to make puppets and what better thing is there to bring to an event, than puppet making? From myself, a storytelling piece in a side installation room, and a photo montage on two parts – one a mapping of the neighborhood which asks to be rearranged, and the other, a look into who visits the kiosk. We hope you walk away the evening of December 1st with renewed interest in Adams Morgan and all the ways to maintain a neighborhood dialogue and camaraderie. Visit the TEDx AdamsMorganWomen website for more information. Like the Facebook Page. And of course buy your ticket   Photo credit Elizabeth Ashe.

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