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Maggie Arden has been working in non-profit management for the last six years, including positions in program management, fundraising and grassroots advocacy and government affairs. Previously, she worked as a campaign fundraiser for political candidates. Outside of work, she regularly volunteers with local organizations around the Washington, D.C. area and makes jewelry for Southern Yankee Design, her jewelry business. Originally from Chicago, Maggie is an alumnae of Elon University and Alpha Xi Delta.

Recent blog posts written by Maggie Arden

The Role of Social Media in Feminist Activism

The feminist movement is in no way disappearing. But is it really? Or are we just changing how we create change? Feminists have done a lot to draw attention to real issues online through Slut Walks, #Ineedfeministbecause, and recently the discussion of women in the workplace with Sheryl Sandberg’s desire for women to “Lean In,” not to mention […]

Pandering and Lip Service Not Required: Romney Isn’t A Mystery On Women’s Issues

We can drone on about sound bites and rehash debate comments all we want.  We can debate the facts laid in campaign ads, and count up how many lies have been told.  We already know where both Obama and Romney stand on women’s issues, so let’s drop the pandering and lip service and be real […]

Feminism in Film, TV & The Real World

I was home sick last week, which means I spent a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls reruns, Downton Abbey, and both Princess Diaries movies.  Have you ever noticed how all of parliament in The Princess Diaries 2 is male?  (Maybe you haven’t seen it enough to notice – I forgive if that’s the case.)  […]

I Turned 30 And My Face Didn’t Melt Off

Remember the old Glamour piece: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have or Know by the Time She’s 30?  You may have seen it crop back up recently.  The timely was impeccable for me, floating into my inbox just days before my 30th birthday.  I read through the list remembering when I first read it in […]

VAWA & The Partisan Fight Over Violence Against Women

Headline Wednesday in The Hill read ‘GOP Concedes on domestic violence bill’.  Concedes? We’re talking about battling domestic violence and we’re fighting about it? I’m still trying to wrap my head around anyone taking the position against legislation to prevent domestic violence and provide for victims. I figured others might be having the same reaction, […]

Equal Pay Day: Trying to Survive on an Hourly Wage

This post is part of the National Women’s Law Center and MomsRising’s annual Blog Carnival  for Equal Pay Day Several years ago I moved to a new city, unemployed, without much of a support network nearby and no health insurance.  It took me a few months of job searching to realize this was going to […]

Facebook and the Gender Gap

Here we are in the 21st century – having come so far since the initial start of the women’s movement decades ago.  All this advancement, opportunity and new frontiers to take on and we’re still fighting to get women on corporate boards.  In case you’ve been living under a rock – or really don’t pay […]

What To Do During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  After an active year of stories about rape, domestic violence and slut shaming victims, I thought a reminder would be helpful.  Being the data nerd I am my first look was for statistics.  According to RAINN 44% of sexual assault victims are under age 18 and 80% are under […]

Moving from College to Career

If you are preparing to graduate college in another month or so, you probably have more on your mind that just your finals.  Figuring the career world, finding your way through interviews, moving – sometimes back in with parents can all be daunting and stressful.  Here are some tips to keep in the back of […]

Jimmy Carter: Feminist

Jimmy Carter: feminist.  While I have many reasons for being a fan of the 39th President, I gained another this week, and not one I fully expected.  The former president has parted ways with the Southern Baptist Church over their treatment of women.  We have been hearing for awhile now about the church prohibiting women […]