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Maggie Arden has been working in non-profit management for the last six years, including positions in program management, fundraising and grassroots advocacy and government affairs. Previously, she worked as a campaign fundraiser for political candidates. Outside of work, she regularly volunteers with local organizations around the Washington, D.C. area and makes jewelry for Southern Yankee Design, her jewelry business. Originally from Chicago, Maggie is an alumnae of Elon University and Alpha Xi Delta.

Recent blog posts written by Maggie Arden

Help Remove Offensive Cards on Etsy

"You were raped?  Congratulations!" Of the many things you can say to some who just shared with you they were raped – that is not one sentiment I, or most people, would choose.  But one seller on Etsy has chosen just those sentiments.  In a variety of offensive and just disgusting cards available, one is […]

Never Ask a Woman Her Age

Never ask a woman her age or weight.  Is that still a rule?  It’s hard to tell.  It would be hard for me to tell, as I’m asked my age almost monthly.  The shocked look people have when I tell them I am 28 is also unpleasant.  And unnecessary.  As an old rule of etiquette […]

Rally For Girls Sports

Rally for Girls Sports Day was yesterday.  So to begin – I clearly should have done this yesterday.  I’m sorry.  As an athlete for much of my young life, I know the benefits of playing team sports.  I never occurred to me while playing soccer, basketball, softball and volleyball that I was lucky to be […]

Last Names

I showed up late to a meeting recently, and introduced myself to everyone.  I was promptly asked what my maiden name was.  When I repeated what I’d just said I was given an odd look, which I returned with an odd look.  Thinking about it later, I realized, at 28, people may well expect that […]

Thankful to the 25 Most Powerful Women

Thanksgiving has never been a favorite holiday of mine. I’m thankful for many things, and take time to consider them this time of year. But eating huge amounts of food – most of which I just am not a big fan of – is lost on me. Last week Time magazine put out a list […]

Chivalry and Feminism?

Chivalry.  Feminism.  Chivalry and feminism.  Can those words go together?  Are they two completely unrelated ideas that can really co-exist?  I question myself on this at times.  The other day I struggled outside my office building trying close my umbrella, while keeping my all important coffee cup upright, hang onto my bags and get through […]

Another Year Without Paycheck Fairness

We have come so far over the past 50 years, and yet the road stretches out in front of us beyond the horizon. How it is that, in the 21st century, paycheck fairness can be so difficult to pass? And why, oh why, did women vote against it?  I was once asked why it matters […]

Single Seeking Flex Schedules

Flexible schedules are all the rage now.  Or so you’d think if you were looking for a job – it’s listed as a benefit in many job ads.  Almost anything written about Millennials or Gen Y (or whatever you want to call us) mentions our work ethic.  We want to work from home once in […]

Where Are All the Women?

With my first post, I head back to my roots if you will.  I spent four years working on political campaigns.  After transitioning to the nonprofit world I gained free time, hobbies, and saw the return of my friends.  When not working I make jewelry, read constantly, and explore my amazing city.  I am a […]