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Abigail Collazo is the previous Editor for Fem2.0 and worked as a Project Manager at Turner Strategies, where she managed digital strategy. Abigail has worked on women’s issues in the nonprofit and government sectors for 10+ years, with a focus on global women’s rights. She has a BA in Political Science from Mount Holyoke College and an MA in Global Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Abigail's writing on changing gender roles and young feminism has been published at Fem2.0, AlterNet, Role/Reboot, Abortion Gang, and the HuffingtonPost, among others. Abigail tweets from @LeftStandingUp.

Recent blog posts written by Abigail Collazo

40 (Un)Justifiable Reasons To Sexually Harass Me On the Street

I’m wearing too much makeup I’m not wearing enough makeup It’s Sunday It’s Tuesday I’m walking too quickly I’m walking too slowly I’m too pretty to not let you enjoy a piece of it I’m not pretty enough to occupy the space marked “female” I’m wearing boots I’m wearing flip flops I haven’t let you […]

“Special” Protections for “Special” Women: Why the Violence Against Women Act Expired

Nobody warned me. When I started to “come out” as a feminist activist – not just talking with friends, but sharing articles on Facebook, writing extensively about women’s rights, and participating in advocacy movements – nobody warned me. Nobody warned me that friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and sometimes total strangers who’d come across my […]

Paula Broadwell: One of the 15 Most Dangerous People in the World

In John T. Bristow’s What Paul Really Said About Women, the Seattle Pastor sheds light on much of what the Judeo-Christian religions have interpreted to be the will of God when it comes to women’s roles.  One of the most enlightening sections addresses the idea that women should cover their heads while in public, particularly […]

Breakthrough Launches #ImHere Campaign to Make Invisible Immigrant Women Visible

As much as Republicans wish that this election was only about the economy and what Obama has or hasn’t done, immigration reform and women’s rights are very much front and center.  But those issues aren’t mutually exclusive, and it’s time that the rights of immigrant women specifically were a part of the national conversation. Immigrant […]

Goodbye Fem2.0: A Beginning

The second thing I always do when I get home is examine the side of the refrigerator.  Yes, six years after her youngest child graduated college and moved to another city, my mother still cuts out articles from the Economist and the New York Times and pastes them to the side of the refrigerator for […]

Chivalry Must Die: On Women’s Expectations and Men’s Obligations

Like most women, I believe my male friends to be nice people.  They don’t catcall or sexually harass women on the street, they are thoughtful and sweet, and they believe in women’s equality and gender justice like good progressives. And so I give them on break on chivalry, because I know that they don’t mean […]

Are Modern Men Manly Enough?

This weekend’s New York Times “Room for Debate” asks whether today’s men are ‘manly enough’: “A-list actors are getting facials in “Mansome,” Morgan Spurlock’s newest documentary, and pumping their waxed chests in Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike,” one of the summer’s most popular movies.  But is all this exfoliated, chiseled perfection what women really want? And should men really be making it […]

“Brave” Still Teaching Girls The Wrong Lessons

I had high hopes for “Brave.”  Megan Kearns, my go-to movie reviewer (and a new, official part of the Fem2.0 team!), raved about the strong female protagonist, the multi-dimensional bond between mother and daughter, and the lack of love interest, or even “male best friend” that we’ve become so accustomed to. Megan mentions a few […]

Women’s Bodies: The Connection Between Title IX and Michigan’s Vagina Monologues Reading

All over the world, vaginas and what comes out of them are considered dirty – much like women themselves.  In first world countries like the U.S., our periods are gross and embarrassing.  In so-called developing nations, women’s periods and the health of their vaginas aren’t just disgusting – they’re evil and dirty.  Some girls are […]

As Drug Wars Intensify, Violence Against Women Soars: Announcing Tweetchat 6/6 at #Defensoras

It seems that every day now, we read articles or hear stories about the “drug wars” south of the U.S. border: how civilians are getting caught in the cross-fire, and whether we should finally admit defeat.  Almost no one, however, is exploring the intricate relationship between the war on drugs and the broader, more global, war on […]