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Here’s to the Sisterhood of Women Ambassadors

Most diplomats are still men, but today, there are more and more women in those jobs.  Last week’s Annual Celebration of Women Diplomats, sponsored by the Women’s Foreign Policy Group, recognized the 28 women who serve as their country’s ambassador to the United States.  These women come from many parts of the world – the Middle […]

Women’s History Month: 5 Ways You Can Make a Difference this March

March is Women’s History Month, so there will be lots of events and celebrations celebrating women. There are so many inspiring stories of great work, often against overwhelming odds, to break down barriers to women’s full participation in society, whether those barriers were created by social and cultural norms, laws or just plain criminal behavior. […]

Women Advancing Haiti’s Future

I just returned from Haiti, where I was working with women, convened by the Haitian group Femmes en Democratie, to develop a women’s policy platform. In Creole, nap vanse means we advance, and it is critical that Haitians move forward together to build a stronger country and a stronger economy. The priorities identified can help both women and […]

Interview with Kah Walla on Cameroon’s Elections, the Arab Spring and More

Last year, my friend and colleague, Kah Walla, ran for the presidency in Cameroon on the Cameroon People’s Party line. I talked to her about that run, the Arab Spring and the challenges Africa faces. Let’s start with your very gutsy move to run for president of Cameroon. Can you talk about what motivated you to […]

How Exactly Does the Global Impact of Women Elected Officials Affect Public Policy?

We always hear that having more women in office is some version of “good.”  But what does that mean, exactly?  And where’s the data?  Stephenie Foster, a long time supporter and guest contributor to Fem2.0, lays out the specifics regarding democratic governance, critical mass, and constituent service: The political empowerment of women is one of […]

@esraa2008: Facebook Revolutionary

“Facebook girl” isn’t a girl, really. Esraa Abdel Fattah is a courageous 33 year old activist who has been a driving force for social change in her country, Egypt. She’s both a pragmatist and an optimist, with an understanding that change is both hard fought and hard won. Esraa’s use of social media started in […]

Inclusive Decision-Making During My Trip to Afghanistan

I just returned from a two week trip to Kabul, Afghanistan, where I was working on a project focusing on reaching women as voters, candidates and election officials as the country plans for its next election in 2013. It was a challenging time for Afghanistan, as the attack on the US Embassy occurred right before […]

What’s Next for Women and the Arab Spring

Revolutions have consequences. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen longstanding and repressive regimes fall in North Africa, and continuing protests across the Middle East and Gulf. In real time, we are watching people struggle with how to structure new institutions, build democratic governments and rebuild (or build) a non-governmental civil society. They are […]

Talking With Kathryn Bolkovac About The Whistleblower

After seeing (and reviewing) The Whistleblower, I contacted Kathryn Bolkovac, whose story is the basis of the movie, and interviewed her. Her answers speak for themselves, but also give such a sense of her persona, grit and determination. FOSTER: You were faced with a situation where the people you worked with were engaged in something […]

Usher’s New Look: Building Young Leaders

This piece was cross-posted on Huffington Post Young people today are growing up in a complicated and challenging world, and will face the meta-challenges of the 21st century: climate change, economic restructuring, job creation, and resolving conflict at home and around the globe. We need to ensure that we are investing in the most diverse […]