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K. Salis lives and works in Washington DC. She has a background in anthropology and women's studies, and is interested in the intersection of culture and gender in the United States.

Recent blog posts written by K. Salis

Sex is Not a Recreational Activity

Sex is not a recreational activity. Tennis is a recreational activity. Sex is a natural human urge and a normal part of everyday life. In all the coverage of Rush Limbaugh’s misogynist rant, the key point no one seems to be bringing up is that sex is not a sinful thing bad girls do. Sex […]

Love Lessons From a Platonic Friendship

Matt and K have been friends for years, and roommates for nearly as long as they’ve known each other. Though both are heterosexual and “find each other reasonably attractive,” as K puts it, they’ve never even considered hooking up – much to the perplexity of various friends and family members. Yet when Matt and K […]

Intimate Wars: Sex is Intimate. So is Pregnancy.

War can be an intimate experience, often in a deeply personal way, even though it’s a shared collective event.  People experience the physical effect of war through their bodies and perceive their emotional experience in their minds.  My grandmother lived through an occupation, and her strongest memories were of being hungry.  Of her brother being […]

A Feminist Resolution

I love making a long list of resolutions and plans at the start of a new year.   I make resolutions for each area of my life – physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, and work.  And this year, I’m going to add a few resolutions in the feminist column too. January is related to the Roman god […]

Hard Work When You’re Young: Is Burn Out the Real Return on Investment?

When I read the Forbes article Millennial Women Burning Out at 30, I could definitely relate. While I was relieved to know that it’s not just me, I was curious as to why this burn out trend is seemingly impacting Millennial women more than men? First, I want to skip the usual “gender/generation” assumptions.  Millennial […]

Fighting Breast Cancer is Too Easy for the NFL

I have never been impressed with the National Football League’s campaign to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.  It seemed like a glib mass marketing/publicity stunt that didn’t really match the NFL’s target audience or purpose.   I love the idea that the NFL is choosing to support a cause, but why this one?  I […]

When I Met Wangari Maathai

I met Wangari Maathai in 2007 after a lecture at a university.  I don’t remember much of her speech, but I do remember the calm sound of her voice and how she continued to sign books far after her handler told her they really really had to get to the airport now.  She was kind […]

Are Women Really That Wonderful? Part II on “The End of Men”

In my previous post about the “Are Men Finished?” debate hosted by Slate and Intelligence Squared, feminist scholar Christina Sommers observed that Americans are falling prey to a “Women are Wonderful” bias.  This is interesting for two reasons: the idea that women are now impervious to judgment, and the use of science now being used […]

Look Out Men, There’s a New Woman Sheriff in Town

On September 20, Slate and Intelligence Squared hosted the live debate “Are Men Finished?” Before the debate, 20% of the audience believed that men’s time of dominance was over.  By the conclusion of the debate, 66% of the audience had been convinced that the future world will be driven by women The debate was a […]

Take Back the Day: Should Fem2pt0 CoSponsor SlutWalk DC?

There is something about a large group of women marching down a busy, public street in the light of day that forces us to confront false ideas about sexual assault. All the better if a lot of the women are half-naked. There are no hoards of men chasing after them due to their lack of […]