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The Booty-Shaking Pleasures of a Big Freedia Hip Hop Show

Big Freedia’s (pronounced FREE-da) most well known song is called “Azz Everywhere!” It’s fitting, as a Big Freedia show features ass-popping just about everywhere. Video clips from her shows look like they could be part of a low budget rap video, or shot on a wild night out at the club. The dancers are face […]

Are You A WINner?

Networking can be stressful. Walking up to strangers, job-grubbing, the part where you realize you forgot your business cards…It’s also tough to make contacts in new cities. Especially the transition from a hyper-political town like DC to a hyper-everything town like New York City. That’s where the Women’s Information Network (WIN) comes in to save […]

Professional Fridays: Your Guide to Being Successfully Unemployed

The Professional Fridays column usually features great information for on-the-job issues. Unfortunately, there are the 10 percent of us who have no job at which to be professional. It’s not all pajamas and ice cream at 3pm. Having been unemployed a couple of times, I know about the issues that no one tells you about. […]

SlutWalk NYC: What Are the Rules of Rape Prevention?

Sexual criminals are being regarded simply as men who can’t control themselves instead of sick human beings. Sexual predators are looking for females. Women are predisposed to be victims of sexual assault no matter what we wear. Case in point: recently, I was hollered at by two men in two separate cars within a six-second […]

Five Things To Know About New Birth Control Availability

Good news for liberated ladies! Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) enacted new guidelines to provide a variety of free preventive services to women, effective on plan years starting on or after August 1, 2012. These reforms stem from the hotly contested Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. One […]