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The Caregiving Equation

An issue that I strongly believe must be factored into any conversation about women and work, is recognition of the time and services women devote to caregiving. At some period during a woman’s lifetime, she will be called upon to help a family member who requires caregiving services.  Whether it is in the role of […]

The Pink Elephant in the Tent

On January 11th, executive coach Peggy Klaus wrote an article for the New York Times called “A Sisterhood of Workplace Infighting.”  In it, she examined how women treat one another at work, and stressed the importance of “learning to value one another so we can all get ahead.”  She referred to this issue as the […]

Fem2.0… Meet Reframe It

I never imagined I’d be calling myself an Evangelist. To me, evangelists were people like Aimee McPherson or Jean Simmons in Elmer Gantry.  Long white flowing robes and lots of drama were prerequisites. That was before I learned the 21st Century new media definition of Evangelism. The first time I heard the phrase was at […]

Lifetime Poll Pinpoints Negative Media Coverage of Clinton & Palin

In their sixth poll since November 2007, Lifetime’s Everywoman Counts campaign assessed what women were thinking, post-election. Their latest survey had partners WomanTrend and Lake Research conducting a nationwide telephone poll of 600 women.  The live interviews took place from November 21–24, with sampling controls to ensure proportional demographics reflecting race, age, and region.  The […]

Carolyn Maloney Garners Endorsement for Clinton’s Senate Seat

The conversation on who would replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate was ratcheted up a notch on Thursday (12/4). The National Organization for Women (NOW) Political Action Committee and the Feminist Majority Political Action Committee made a joint announcement endorsing Congresswoman Carolyn D. Maloney to take over Clinton’s seat. In their press release, Maloney’s […]

Gender, Politics & Media Redux

One topic that spawned plenty of conversation during the race for the presidency, was the role of gender. Last week, New York Women In Communications presented The Spin Room: Gender, Politics & Media in the 2008 Election. The panel of four, Geraldine Ferraro, Arianna Huffington, Lesley Jane Seymour, and Marie Wilson — with moderator Carol […]