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Julia Adler is gender issues and women's rights professional. She has a BA in Political Science from Laval University and a Masters in International Law from Kent in Brussels, graduating with honours. She has since worked for several organizations on women's rights and gender issues, including UNICEF, HPCR International, Save the Children and Plan Canada. Julia spent time in Swaziland monitoring and reporting on sexual violence court cases, and has worked briefly in Kenya and Bénin. She is currently Program Manager for a Legal Education Institute based in Toronto. Julia Adler is a pseudonym.

Recent blog posts written by Julia Adler

Is Your Religion Interfering with Your Orgasm?

Expressing support for the legalization of pre-marital sex in Morocco can get you killed. That’s what the editor of Morocco’s Al-Ahdath Al-Maghribia daily newspaper discovered when he expressed this support during a televised debate. Article 490 of Morocco’s penal code, based on Islamic law, criminalizes sex outside of marriage, with a man and women recently being jailed […]

Feminism is Dead. Long Live Feminism.

Twice last week, in two different articles, did I read some concoction of ‘feminism is dead.’ It was, of course, in response to the horrific trial verdict for Pussy Riot, the Muscovite punk band who staged an impromptu jam session at an Orthodox church in the city, imploring the Virgin Mary to become a feminist […]

Who Owns Public Spaces?

Last weekend I was at the gym, waiting for a fellow male bodybuilder to get off the pullup bars. Yours truly can do about 7-10 wide grip pullups unassisted of which she’s very proud, and that Saturday was a heavy back day. While I’m waiting, another gym guy comes up and asks me if I’m […]

Saudi Arabia has Two Female Athletes Competing at the Olympics. So What?

This year marks the first year that all of the more than 200 countries represented at the Olympics have a female athlete as part of their delegation. Specifically, this year, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Brunei all included women in the London Games. Saudi Arabia sent two judo athletes (who may be forced to compete without […]

Is it Really a Happy Mother’s Day?

It is difficult being a mother. Mothers bear the brunt of burdens, plainly seen if you take a look at the measly ratings the United States received from the recently published Save the Children State of the World’s Mothers. Not only does the country rank 25th on the list of Best Places to be a Mother, it […]

Newt Gingrich, Trayvon and The Invisible Race

Over the past few weeks there has been growing international outrage at the shooting of a young black teenager in Florida by an armed neighborhood watch man. I’m not sure I have much to add to this outrage, because so much has been quite brilliantly written on this by many social media partisans. I’ve done […]

On International Women’s Day, a Woman’s Pleasure

Today was International Women’s Day. There were articles written by thoughtful well-meaning women and smart indomitable women, coming together to welcome our progress and caution about the obstacles yet to conquer. I couldn’t help but feel pre-emptively weary of reading these articles. These last few months have been such a scathing beating of American women […]

Dakota Fanning and the Patriarchal Bargain

Dakota Fanning reclines in a tiny pink dress, innocent look on her face, large phallic bottle of Lola Marc Jacobs perfume between her outstretched legs. I’ll give you a moment to calm the titillation you might be experiencing. Would it help if I said that she looks no older than 14? No? Interestingly enough, you […]

Over 7 Billion People: The Personhood Amendment in Mississppi

The world population recently hit 7 billion. Funny story: when I was in Swaziland, King Mswati III gave a speech at the UN Population Fund Ceremony and lauded on how great it was that we were developing at such a phenomenal speed, and how he couldn’t wait until we reached 10 billion to celebrate again. […]