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Emmily is an award-winning journalist, having received the Nevada Press Association’s Outstanding Journalist of the Year award in 2005, as well as recognition for news and feature stories. She has been praised for her work as a community organizer and was nominated for a Margaret Sanger award in 2012. A survivor of sexual abuse, Emmily has worked to be a voice for other survivors through her blogs, The Sin City Siren and The Tired Feminist, as well as through lobbying and activist work. She is a fierce advocate for women’s rights, including serving as the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against a personhood initiative in Nevada in 2009/10. Her activism began when she was a student at the University of Oregon, where she graduated with a degree in English and minors in journalism and women’s studies. Her blog The Sin City Siren was nationally syndicated in 2011. Emmily lives in Las Vegas with her husband and daughter. She tweets from @TheSinCitySiren.

Recent blog posts written by Emmily Bristol

Memo to white feminists re: Hugo Schwyzer

This post speaks to so much I’m feeling right now — my disenfranchisement with mainstream (white) feminist blogs (looking at you Jezebel), a sense of alienation from what I want to write about and what “gets clicks,” narratives like the fuckwit Hugo Schwyzer deal, and yes, even the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag … as chronicled best by this post on The Frisky:

Slut Riot: Now say my name! (Video)

Admit it, Sluts Week has been way more fun than Shark Week. No? Well, maybe today’s post will have you humming a different tune. Today we debut the much-anticipated BigSLUT RIOT Music Video, a (loving) parody of The Ting Ting’s song “That’s Not My Name.” I give you “Say My Name!” Before I go too much […]

Slut Riot! Busting through the layers of slut-shaming

Over on my site, The Sin City Siren, we launched a week-long series on slut-shaming called Slut Riot! It all started when I asked my intern to pick a feminist book and review it during the late-summer doldrums. Her pick — Emily White’s Fast Girls: Teenage Tribes and the Myth of the Slut — not […]

Letters of Hope: You are strength personified

Note from the Sin City Siren  I’ve assembled a group of talented writers who have joined forces to create a series of posts written as letters to our younger, recently traumatized selves. As a survivor of sexual abuse, it has been important for me to speak the words out loud. Survivors of any form of […]

Advertisers respond to Facebook campaign, images of gender-based violence

Just days since a massive campaign was launched by a coalition of more than 40 groups and individuals, advertisers have already begun to act swiftly about seeing their ads adjacent to images depicting rape and violence against women on Facebook. Indeed, the response has inspired hope that the demands in the Open Letter to Facebook […]

Coalition: Time for Facebook to take responsibility for gender-based hate speech

*Trigger warning* Starting on May 21, a coalition of more than two dozen organizations — including Led by Women, Action & the Media, The Everyday Sexism Project, and author Soraya Chemaly — are calling on Facebook to end its complicit approval of memes and pages that promote violence against women and gender-based hate speech. As […]

Our daughters, the superheros!

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? I wanted to be a ballerina until I saw Lynda Carter spin into Wonder Woman on my black-and-white TV. Sure, I had already seen Christopher Reeves as Superman. He was pretty great and all, but the only quasi-strong woman in that story is […]

An open letter to the Anti Sex Ed crowd

Dear Anti Sex Ed Crowd: Greetings and salutations! I bet you’re surprised to hear from me. After all, you’ve spent some time lately calling me a terrible mother (on television no less) because I advocate for a much-needed update to Nevada’s sex education standards — originally passed at the height of the AIDS-panic-1980s — that […]

The revolution will not be televised: Ruminations on #femfuture and what it all means

There’s been a lot of bitching on the feminist interwebs about this whole #FemFuture: Online Revolution, proposed by Valenti Martin Media, aka Feministing co-creators Vanessa Valenti and Courtney Martin at a launch event at Barnard College on Monday. At its core, the #FemFuture project seeks to unify a disparate online feminist landscape and help the […]

[Updated] Welcome to #FierceFlores headquarters!

I’ve been updating this post all day as I see new stories on #FierceFlores. Scroll down for complete list of news. Well, helloooo internet! I am truly amazed by the phenomenon that is now the #FierceFlores meme! It has gone viral, and then some! Thanks to all of you out there, Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores […]