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Finding Your Own Voice: Insightful Quotes from Uncommon Women

Cross posted with permission from Excerpted from the book Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness and Finding Your Own Voice by Marianne Schnall. Copyright © 2010. Excerpted with permission from Blue Mountain Arts.    Over the course of my career as a freelance journalist, I have had the great […]

Maria Shriver Takes On Alzheimer’s Advocacy

by Marianne Schnall; this article originally appeared at the Women’s Media Center. In her final year as California’s First Lady, Maria Shriver turns public attention to Alzheimer’s advocacy at her influential California Governor & First Lady’s Conference on Women.  Reflecting on an interview with Shriver, author and founder Marianne Schnall explores the personal stories […]

From Media Blitz to Women’s Conference: Has Maria Shriver Discerned a Watershed Moment?

A Time magazine cover story and a week of programming on NBC immediately followed the release of The Shriver Report. This week, California’s First Lady used the findings to engage participants in her annual conference on women. If the continuing activity fails to "ignite a national conversation," it won’t be for lack of planning and […]

SNL Star Amy Poehler on Her New Online Show “Smart Girls”

Exclusive Interview with actress Amy Poehler on her new digital TV series aimed at empowering young girls, "Smart Girls at the Party" Actress Amy Poehler made us all laugh earlier this year with her comedic impersonations of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live, but off screen she is actually quite serious about her […]