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Following law school, Kate McGuinness joined a major firm and became one of only a handful of female partners. After ten years as a partner, she was recruited by a Fortune 500 company as General Counsel. Today she is a full-time writer who advocates for women's rights. Her work has appeared in Jezebel, Women's Media Center, Ms. JD, The Girls Guide to Law School and Role/Reboot. Her website, womensrightswriter.com, has women's rights resources and volunteer opportunities. Kate tweets from @womnsrightswrtr.

Recent blog posts written by Kate McGuinness

It’s Open Season on Women in Afghanistan

Najiba was recently executed by nine bullets for alleged adultery.  The crowd of 150 men cheered on the shooter with cries of “God is great!” Not far from the site of the shooting, 15-year old Tamana was beaten and killed for being a disobedient wife after her forced marriage to a cousin whose advances she […]

Do Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Chill Opportunities for Women?

Recently, Ellen Pao, a junior partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, sued the firm charging widespread discrimination against women. She also alleged that she had been sexually harassed and suffered retaliation after she complained about the harassment. Bloomberg  published an opinion piece by Amity Shlaes criticizing Ms. Pao’s suit for a […]

Honor Dr. Tiller: Keep Late-Term Abortions Available

May 31, 2012 marks the third anniversary of the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, a Kansas physician who provided late-term abortions in his Wichita clinic. An abortion opponent fatally shot Dr. Tiller in the eye while he was handing out bulletins inside his church during worship services. Dr. Tiller became a target of antiabortion activists […]

The Paycheck Fairness Act: For When Women are Old and Broke

In virtually every occupation, women earn less than men of comparable experience, education and seniority. From the moment a woman throws her graduation cap into the air to the moment she retires, she earns less than a similar man. This difference is commonly quantified as a woman earns 77 cents for each dollar a man […]

When Women Fail on the Public Stage: Ina Drew and JPMorgan Chase

Wall Street is notorious for its lack of female power brokers. Catalyst reports that women make up only 15 percent of executive or senior-level officers in investment banking and securities companies. The fall of one of these women results in public scrutiny. Ina Drew of JPMorgan Chase is the latest casualty. Until May 14, Ms. […]

Instead Of Wedding Shower Gifts, Give A Goat

I’ve gotten to the age when many of my friends’ daughters are marrying or reproducing. These occasions are celebrated by the community holding “showers.” I began to wonder about this tradition after attending a particularly boring baby shower in which the expectant mother sat on a “throne,” each gift was passed from guest to guest […]

Arresting Mothers for Being Bad Incubators

The Sunday New York Times exposed Alabama’s unique salvo in the War on Women. Using a novel legal theory, Alabama has prosecuted approximately 60 women for child endangerment when they delivered children with drugs in their system. One was sentenced to prison for ten years. In other states, the typical response to detecting drugs in […]

If I Could Choose Again, Would I Still Wait to Have Children?

Childless women often view their declining fertility with ambivalence. Jennifer Westfeldt, director and producer of Friends With Kids, recently said, “I kept feeling like I’d wake up with absolute clarity, and I haven’t. And we have a pretty great life together. The chance that we’ll regret it doesn’t seem like a compelling enough reason to […]

Woman Wins Historic $167 Million Sexual Harassment Award

Ani Chopourian, a 43–year-old surgeon’s assistant, received a $167.7 million dollar award this week from a California jury for sexual harassment. It is believed to be the largest verdict ever granted to a single victim for sexual harassment in the United States. The jury allocated $42.7 million as compensation for lost wages and mental anguish. […]

Stepparents: Neither Parent Nor Friend

Recently, I attended the wedding of a friend who was marrying a man with two children from a prior marriage. Like one-third of all marriages in the United States today, this one would form a stepfamily. Before my friend accepted the groom’s proposal, she had asked about my experiences as a stepmother. I’ve played that […]