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Casey Krosser serves as the Associate Editor of Feminism2.0 as well as the Project Coordinator for Turner Strategies. Casey handles the social media engagement efforts for Fem2pt0. She monitors and develops hourly content for Twitter and Facebook channels, spreading awareness on women’s issues. Casey also edits and publishes submitted content for the Feminism2.0 blog. At Turner Strategies, Casey helps to build media lists and compile research materials for various projects. Casey completed her BA from Ithaca College in May 2011.

Recent blog posts written by Casey Krosser

Until Recently, Human Trafficking Wasn’t Even Counted

On Wednesday morning at the Center for American Progress, I heard Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano speak about the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to combat human trafficking.  She began by reminding the audience that sexual and labor trafficking dis-proportionally affects women.  Napolitano is very passionate about this issue, and in 2010 launched her Blue […]

Making Sense of the Transgender Beauty Pageant Debacle

Beauty pageants are inherently sexist. Women are showcased like pieces of meat, and judged on how they look in swimsuits. I know that every pageant makes some effort to show that it values the intelligence and humanitarian efforts of these women, but I don’t think this negates the sexism. Because if that were really the […]

All-Star Cast Reads “8,” a Play About Marriage Equality

A few nights ago, while scrolling my Twitter feed, I noticed a few mentions of a live-streaming play called “8.” Just in time I clicked on a link from one of the actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s tweets and tuned in. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard that this was happening before! A live-streamed event by […]