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General Comments and Suggestions from Fem2.0 Post-Conference Survey

Did not know about it in advance – would like to be on the email list for further information! Thanks! There was a curious divide that was palpable, but few people to bridge it.  Maybe that was the point, but it would be nice to find a few people who understand all sides of the […]

Deconstructing Feminism 2.0 at the Center for American Progress

  On February 19, the topic of the monthly Internet Advocacy Center Roundtable at the Center for American Progress was Feminism2.0. Organizers Shireen Mitchell, Heather Holdridge, Liza Sabater and Gloria Pan, and key participants Latifa Lyles of the National Organization for Women and Jessica Arons of the Center for American Profress Fund, were invited to […]

Twitter the Oscars – Out of Snark, Insight

We won’t be able to focus on anything Sunday night except the Academy Awards, and, admit it, neither will you. So, why fight it? The topic of this week’s Fem2.0 Twittercast will be, The Oscars – Out of Snark, Insight. To make sure we don’t miss any togetherness and feminist snark around this important national […]

Easiest Way to Participate in Fem2.0 Twittercasts

Create a Twitter account here. Go to Tweetchat here, and log-in with your Twitter account. Enter room: fem2 You don’t have to worry about hashtags, because Tweetchat automatically adds the tag if you participate from the room.

Twittercasts and You: What Do You Want to Talk About?

Our weekly Twittercasts have covered all kinds of different topics, and, post-conference, we see them as a great way to keep in touch, make new connections and have an open forum to talk about all the issues we and the rest of the femisphere care about. That said, we also want to hear from you […]

What did you think about Fem2.0?

We had an exciting day yesterday — the Fem2.0 conference was an incredible experience for both the organizers and the attendees! Thank you, everyone — both online and in person — who brought passion, creativity and commitment to Fem2.0 to make it such a success. May the energy, inspiration and goodwill generated yesterday continue to […]

Watch the Fem2.0 Conference Live on Tweetchat!

 We are having some trouble livestreaming the conference, but you can watch and Tweet in realtime with conference attendees and presenters on Tweetchat. Enter the room "#fem2" and join the discussion! You’ll be projected on the big screen in the Betts Theater along with our other Twittercast attendees. 

New Linkfluence Research Illuminates Influence of Women’s Issues and Feminists on the Political Web

We’re very excited to tell everyone that our friends at Linkfluence will be presenting at Fem2.0 new research about how feminist blogs/women’s issues fit in the US political Web. Some preliminary conclusions are:    1)   The feminist blogosphere is a dense, well-structured, and tight-knit network.  2)   The feminist blogosphere is tightly enmeshed in the progressive […]