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This week’s Taste of Feminism

Reading Materials In his new novel The Marriage Plot, author Jeffrey Eugenides takes a closer look at the life of three characters, as they try to find their way through college and the risks of the real world after graduating from college.  The main heroine of the book is Madeleine. An English major student at […]

This week’s Taste of Feminism

Read our recommendations for this week and send us yours! Reading Materials In the novel Zipper Mouth, author Laurie Weeks takes a closer look at the way of living on the edge in New York City.  She describes stories from crazy nights, morning hangovers and in general the chaos of everyday life. For more information […]

what about this weekend

Reading Materials Some of us have connected with someone who was so different from us, and who enjoyed things that we didn’t.  In the book Daughter of Smoke and Bone, author Laini Taylor explores the attraction between to contraire characters and gives us a story full of fantastic flairs and humor. For more information, click […]

What About This Weekend?

Fall is officially here… Reading materials Coco Channel, unlike other designers, continues to hold a fascination decades of her death. Many books have been written about her life, and a new one has just been released.  In Sleeping With the Enemy: Coco Channel’s Secret War, Hal Vaughan cites declassified documents in declaring that fashion designer […]

what about this weekend

Reading materials The signs that fall has arrived:  It doesn’t stop raining, people start wearing their boots, and most importantly, we are ready to create our book list for the season.  There are many good choices from both old classic books and new releases. A Room of One’s Own, by Virginia Wolf, is one of […]

what about this weekend

Reading materials Before you head out for the long weekend, don’t forget to read through our recommendations. Don’t miss the new book, Prime Time, by Jane Fonda. The Academy Award-winning actress, at 73, covers many aspects of aging and talks about life from a wiser perspective. Prime Time is like talking to a friend, part […]

Announcing FemEx Events for the Fall!

Fem2 Community: Check out these great events being run by our friends over at FemEx.  Be sure to reach out to them for more information, and spread the word to your friends! You are invited to join us for the 6th session of FemEx– a course designed for women by women to create a safe environment where women […]

Professional Friday: How to Find a Job in Reproductive Health

I have been lucky enough to have never had a real job. Yes I spent many a summer among six year olds, but I have never worked for a for-profit company, never stood behind a counter, never taken someone’s order.   Over the past five years I have been even luckier to almost exclusively work for […]

#Nxtgenfem: Tweeting About the Future of Feminism

This piece was cross-posted from The Huffington Post and co-authored by Stephenie Foster and Abigail Collazo Last month, the award-winning actress, author and activist Marlo Thomas wrote a great piece on Huffington Post, “Passing the Torch… Who’s Going to Run With it?” Afterwards, Thomas was chided a bit by her friend Gloria Steinem who said that “‘passing […]

Leadership Secrets for Women, From Congresswoman Jane Harman

“Leadership is inside out.  You can’t take a poll to find out what you believe in.”  Watch this video to learn more about former Congresswoman Jane Harman’s lessons learned about women and leadership after serving nine terms in the US House of Representatives!