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Can Americans Care for Their Families Without Losing Their Jobs?

Did you see the announcement? Fem2.0 is kicking off the New Year with Wake Up, This Is the Reality!, a campaign to help change the way Americans talk and think about work and to begin shifting the national narrative away from privileged "balance" and corporate perspectives to one that reflects the reality on the ground […]

Some Ideas for Reframing the Work/Life Narrative

Way back in October, Fem2.0 announced, Wake Up, This Is the Reality!, a campaign to shift the conversation around work and families away from outdated assumptions and privileged perspectives to better reflect the experience of everyday Americans and American families, who are being crushed between the obligations of home and the workplace. We need this […]

Maureen Dowd, a wasted opportunity for women

These days, there’s a great deal of energy in the women’s advocacy world in Washington, DC because — haven’t you heard? — Obama is a feminist. Though things aren’t moving as fast as women’s advocates would like (the inevitable result of impossibly high expectations), they are certainly moving in the right direction as women are […]

It’s Not About Polanski Anymore

It’s about the international film industry’s mistaken sense of privilege – that if you have enough talent, you should be above the law. Here at Fem2.0, it’s specifically about the actresses – thoughtful, intelligent, strong, role models for other women – who can so easily overlook the fact that a real 13-year-old girl was plied with […]

Talking About Abortion and Refusing to Be “Wrong”

By the time I learned I was carrying my son, now eight years-old, I had had two miscarriages, and my husband and I had a lot of emotions riding on this latest pregnancy. Still, I was in my late thirties, and planned to undergo that battery of tests around the third month for possible birth […]

Work/Life Balance? Time to Lighten the Caregiving Load

I’m tired. My job and two kids take it out of me both physically and mentally, every day. The husband, a most loving partner and doting father, is happy to help, eager for instruction like a dog waiting for its master’s next command. When he’s not focusing on his 70-plus-hours-a-week job, that is. Some days, […]

Fem2.0: White House Council on Women and Girls – Where’s the News Media?

Were you, like us, thrilled by the news that President Obama has created a Council on Women and Girls, putting Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen in charge? Read more about why we should be thrilled, here. We were less thrilled, however, to see the scanty coverage by the mainstream news media. Perhaps we are naive, […]

White House Council on Women and Girls: Women and Girls Must Keep Speaking Up

After the 2008 Elections, more than 50 women’s groups sent a letter to the administration asking President Obama to resurrect the White House Office on Women created by the Clinton Administration. Today, the leaders of those women’s groups met at the White House to witness President Obama’s signing of an executive order creating the White […]

Mothers of Dissension: A Case Study of How Internet-Fueled Moms Are Changing Things

The recent Washington Post article, “Pr. William’s Mothers of Dissension,”  is an excellent example of how women are using the Internet for local activism. Here’s a synopsis:   Prince William County, Virginia, was cracking down on illegal immigration, giving rise to racist rhetoric and dividing neighborhoods as residents lined up on either side of the […]

Mr. President-Elect, Where Are the Jobs for Women?

Today, in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times, Linda Hirshman asks a very important question about Obama’s proposed public works program to stimulate the economy: “Where Are the New Jobs for Women?” In the weekly address on Saturday, Obama said the administration will build roads and bridges, upgrade public schools, build out broadband, make […]