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How Voter ID Bills Disproportionately Impact Women – And What We’re Doing About It

Prior to the November elections, media attention began to focus on an often overlooked population impacted by voter suppression measures: women. Voting rights advocates raised grave concerns over new evidence regarding how photo voter ID laws – which are increasingly being rolled out across the country – restrict women’s access to the polls. This adds women to the long list […]

Over 250 DC Women Expected to Participate in Grassroots Anti-Harassment Bike Event This Saturday, 10/19

“19th Amendment  Alleycat” will benefit local anti-street harassment group, Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) Washington, DC — This Saturday, October 19, over 250 women are expected to participate in “19th Amendment Alleycat,” or what might be the District’s first all-women alleycat. Organized by two women bikers who are active in the city’s cycling community, […]

How I Became An Anti-Street Harassment Activist

I came to CASS over a year ago in 2012 because I was sick of street harassment. I had moved to DC after graduating college, and street harassment became less of an infrequent nuisance and more of a daily onslaught. I was street harassed when I was wearing work clothes at the bus stop, and cars full of men would stop and leer. I was street harassed when I was wearing jeans while walking to a friend’s house, and strangers would comment on my “tits” and “pussy.” I was street harassed at the grocery store while buying laundry detergent, at the park while eating my lunch, outside my office while running errands.

Woman Raped by Uber Cabdriver: From New Delhi to DC, We Need Solutions to End #VAW

In December, a Yahoo! Group for DC’s Cleveland Park neighborhood, posted a message detailing a rape allegedly committed by an Uber cab driver a few days prior. According to the post a 20-year-old woman who used Uber,  an “on-demand” cab service accessed via a smartphone app, was attacked, knocked unconscious, and raped by her driver after receiving a ride to her […]

Toned Arms & Tight Shirts: Media Coverage of the Petraeus Affair

National news coverage this month has been dominated by the exposure of the extramarital affair of CIA director David Petraeus. Oddly enough, Petraeus is not the key player in this story – at least as told by the media. Rather, a national spotlight has stalked not Petraeus, but his mistress: Paula Broadwell. And it’s been […]

When Standing Up to Sexual Harassment Makes You a B*tch

I recently enjoyed my lunch break by picking up books at MLK Library, located in Gallery Place/Chinatown in Northwest DC. A few steps after I left MLK to return to work, an older man walked briskly toward me on the sidewalk, pointing his finger as he approached. “You’re sexy,” he said, continuing to point at me as he passed.

“Stop harassing women,” I said. I didn’t turn around to see his reaction. A young man waking beside me chuckled. I wasn’t laughing. In my work clothes with my books, I immediately felt embarrassed and objectified by what he said.