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We Will Carry Their Stories

I arrived in Mexico City on Saturday already worn out from a migraine and travel. As I rode in the car to the hotel I took in the sights while pondering why I was even there. I’m an academic and a blogger – why me? That night at dinner I started to understand.

About that Nation article on moms, feminism & blogging….

Nona & I talked over the phone for a good 45 minutes about this article. I knew immediately that she got the issue as I was communicating it. Her prompt was simple – why aren’t young feminists connected to mother issues and vice versa?

 As someone who has been a feminist activist in some form […]

My feminism has grown along with the Internet

When I entered college in Chicago in 1993, I had no idea what email was. In fact, it took me almost all fall semester to send an email to my friend in Maine. But by the time I graduated, I had my own website and a pseudo-blog on it. What happened? The 1994 Republican takeover […]