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Hey White Feminists: Don’t Forget About Women Of Color

To those who bother with the matter at all know that it’s not really a secret that feminism has an exclusion problem. Pauline Terrelonge Stone writes in “Feminists Consciousness and Black Women” that racism is so ingrained in American culture and so entrenched among white women that black females have been reluctant to admit that anything affecting the white female could also affect them.” The cries of exclusion and marginalization are prevalent even while they are ignored. We need to acknowledge that uncomfortable fact and work within that discomfort to create change.

UPDATED: Woman Denied Life-Saving Abortion in El Salvador #saveBeatriz

We are all Beatriz: Abortion rights in a life or death situation As a young woman in Catholic school, I learned that abortion was the murder of a child. I learned that this reasoning was in-line with the commandment “Thou shall not kill”. As I am sure has happened every year this, was discussed a […]

Femen: Feminism’s Enfant Terrible

Both the Western and worldwide media does not pay attention to women until they take off their clothes. This isn’t news to anyone. Sites decrying the lack of young people’s morality also have gossip pages detailing lasciviously the nip slips and crotch shots of our favorite rehab bound women. With the preoccupation of women’s bodies […]

The Problem With “Grey Rape”

Recently, in an article for the Good Men Project , I referred to “grey rape” a term popularized by Cosmopolitan in a 2007 article titled “The New Kind of Date Rape.”  I continue to place scare quotes around the term because while it does the work of communicating the issue that I am trying to talk about, it is also […]

La Barbe

A group in France known as La Barbe “The Beard” is approaching Feminist activism with a mixture of humor and candor. These ladies don fake beards and protest sexism by drawing attention to the pervasive over-representation of men in places where policy and other important decisions are made. I was interested in finding out more […]

International Feminism: Battling Street Harassment

Wir haben uns so an sexuelle Übergriffe jeglicher Art im Alltag gewöhnt, dass wir manchmal vergessen, uns dagegen zu wehre “We have become so accustomed to sexual assault of any kind in everyday life that we sometimes forget to defend ourselves against it.” This comes from German blogger Maike Hank who was quoted in a […]