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It’s time for a Massive GIRLCOTT Against the Sexism of Corporate Media

In the wee hours of learning of Nelson Mandela’s death it swept gently across my mind that the persistent sexism of corporate media demands a massive boycott. Among the flood of tributes for Mandela, I was struck how this giant of forgiveness and humility equally spoke out against racism and sexism.  Apartheid in South Africa, […]

A Learning Curve: From Human Rights to Reproductive Justice, And a Glimmer of Universal Justice

My antenna zoomed up in February when Loretta Ross, currently Activist-In-Residence, at Smith College, in her key-note address at the Take Root conference, spoke about how Reproductive Justice framing had been stimulated by women of color’s exposure to and interaction with the international women’s community. The human rights framing that international activists spoke from was […]

Media, Movement, and Money: Evolving #femfuture, @MediaEquity Creates #10Gazelle

SUMMARY:  Dougherty examines #FemFuture: Online Revolution in the context of being present at the Women’s Funding Network’s (#WFN13) annual conference. She brings five years of experience of work to broaden the funding of the vast and diverse field of women-directed media, online and off, into her analysis of the Martin and Valenti report. She highlights […]