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What the New York Times Will Never Understand About Millennials and Sex

Alright, New York Times, another article stating that millennials are a sex-obsessed, commitment-afraid group of people who hook up to pursue our careers. How many times do I have to say that we are not the only generation that has hooked up before? Please do not define our generation as the hook-up generation. It is far too soon.

Silly Times, did you forget the abundance of babies born from 1946-1964? With that many babies born, you have to remember what it takes to make a baby — that’s right, sex. So, all the randy soldiers came home to their wives (or husbands) and got it on. Granted, that is not the only reason why there are Baby Boomers. Soldiers were coming home to more prosperous times and many individuals wanted a sense of normalcy, so therefore wanted to start families. And we cannot forget about the sexual revolution.