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7 Women Shortchanged: Personal Stories of the Gender Pay Gap

The damage done by the thousands of dollars I lost to the gender pay gap sticks with me today, despite leaving that employer long ago. My retirement fund isn’t as robust, and I took out more in graduate student loans than I would have if I’d been paid fairly. I’ve been shortchanged by the gender pay gap […]

3 Reasons President Obama Needs to Act Now on the Gender Pay Gap

For almost two years now, we’ve asked President Barack Obama to issue an executive order that would ban federal contractors from retaliating against workers who talk about their salaries or ask about pay practices. With this action, the president could protect 22 percent of the nation’s workforce — or 26 million workers — from facing […]

Celebrating Black History: AAUW’s Dorothy Ferebee

  The accomplishments of AAUW women never cease to amaze me, and Dorothy Celeste Boulding Ferebee is no exception. Ferebee, a physician, health care advocate, and AAUW board member, tirelessly worked to ensure access to health care for underserved communities. Ferebee, a child of former slaves, was born in 1898 in Norfolk, Virginia. She graduated […]

Giving Men the Gift of Pay Equity

By Adam Zimmerman of AAUW Yes, you read that correctly. A couple of weeks before my bar mitzvah, my parents and I went to our rabbi’s home to discuss the big day. One of the honors for the bar mitzvah boy is that members of his family can get called up to read certain prayers […]

Dorothy Height’s Legacy

By Adam Zimmerman of AAUW If you’re looking for someone to provide proper perspective on and due justice to the life of Dorothy Height, who died this morning at age 98, please accept my apology in advance. What can a 28-year-old, white, middle-class male from New York possibly have to say about the woman President […]

Get Ready for Equal Pay Day

The May issue of Redbook magazine has a great story entitled “Are Women Really Worth Less than Men? Our Government Says No, Our Paychecks Say Yes.” The article talks about the gender wage disparity that will cost women anywhere from $400,000 to $2 million over a lifetime in lost wages. It also features quotes from […]

A Message from AAUW

From Emily Pfefer of AAUW: Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows the gender pay gap has narrowed a mere one cent. Women now earn only 78 cents compared to the one dollar their male counterparts make. In response, AAUW launched a new grassroots campaign with a clear message: “Keep the Change until Women Have […]