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Katie Stanton is the Online Communications Manager at a prominent international NGO dedicated to women's issues. Previously, Katie was the Internet Projects Manager at Turner Strategies, Inc., a progressive policy and communications firm in Washington, D.C. Katie is the co-founder of Feminism2.0, a project aiming to connect women to the feminist movement online. She graduated from George Mason University in 2008 with a BA in English and Cultural Studies with honors. She tweets from @katie_stanton.

Recent blog posts written by Katie Stanton

A Woman’s Nation: Helping Women Find Opportunity

It’s with great interest that I’ve followed the media storm surround the release of the Shriver Center’s newest report, A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink. Over 3,000 adults were polled, including low-income women, to find out their views and opinions on “the economy, gender, marriage, education, and the future.” Despite the progress of women economically […]

My Dress is Not a Yes – Slutwalk DC

We took some amazing photos, met some wonderful people and heard some inspiring stories this weekend at Slutwalk DC. I was lucky enough to have the volunteered help of both my boyfriend and my father at the Fem2.0 booth. Just the fact that two of the most important men in my life spent their Saturday […]

This is What a Young Feminist Looks Like

Lots of young fems making lists today. I’m joining in! Why am I a young feminist? Because I will not give up my right to choose. And yes, I do think that right is in danger. Because I hate knowing how likely it is that I’ll have to choose between having a family and having […]

Our WTF Moment of the Morning

So I’m skimming through an entertainment article in the Daily Mail (from across the pond) this morning when suddenly I come across a completely random rant against working mothers and maternity leave. Written by a woman. I just about choked on my coffee. Check it out: Excessive maternity leave hampers women in the workplace Why […]

Women on the Battlefield: Protecting Our Soldiers

Just in time for me to read an article about the Navy considering allowing women to serve on submarine vessels, I receive the IAVA’s newest report on women veterans and soldiers: Women Warriors: Supporting “She Who Has Born the Battle.” If you don’t know about it already, hop over there and read it — you […]

Twittercast #4: Last one before the conference!

Our fourth Twittercast will be held this Sunday night at 10 pm EST, our usual time. Please review this previous post about the mechanics of Twittercast-ing, if you are not already familiar with the method, and remember: add the hashtag #fem2 at the end of your Tweets to be included in the discussion. (If you […]

I don’t know who Gloria Steinem is

Well, ok, that’s not entirely true. I know who she is, and I certainly can Google her and find out everything I don’t know. But I don’t know about her the way that so many other women do, women who really understand the feminist movement and have been doing so much important, admirable work. I […]