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Roots of Collective Bargaining

Cross-posted with permission from Madama Ambi "The boss is hurrying the life out of me." Rose Cohen and her father immigrated from Czarist Russia to the tenements of New York City, working exhausting schedules under harsh conditions to survive and to send for the rest of the family.  In this podcast, I read an excerpt […]

Abortion Underground II–JANE

Cross-posted with permission from Madama Ambi "In the public discourse the fetus has been elevated to an equal status with a living, breathing human being.  More and more, women are viewed as the enemy of children, requiring the State’s intervention to protect their developing children from them.  But, in reality, women still conceive, nurture, give […]

REALITY BITES BACK: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV

Cross-posted with permission from Interview4Obama Jennifer Pozner comes out swinging as she takes aim at the "Reality TV" industry and its ever-growing universe of so-called "harmless" shows in her book REALITY BITES BACK: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV, published by Seal Press.  Pozner uncovers sexism, racism, classism, stereotyping, violence against women, phony psychological […]

What’s a Feminist? Do We Need a Definition?

Cross-posted with permission from patriarchalDISORDER Since I created the Google Map "Mapping the Femisphere," I’ve had requests to get on the Map (by invitation only and I welcome requests) from people I don’t know.  So, I’ve inquired about their work as a feminist or other, especially after clicking on their website, blog or Facebook page […]

After the Miners

Cross-posted with permission from patriarchalDISORDER If you are getting the rush of "heartwarming" and high-fiving and celebration of human spirit, determination and ingenuity pouring out 24/7 on mainstream media around the rescue of the miners in Chile, don’t read this post.  You’ve been warned. There are many important political and economic factors to be discussed […]

Gloria Feldt–NO EXCUSES

Cross-posted with permission from Interview4Obama Gloria Feldt and I are feminists from the second wave of women’s movement when the DIS-Parities (yes, shades of Mary Daly in my writing; cain’t hep maself…) between opportunities for men and women pushed into the full flowering of public discourse.  Women organized, women protested, women gathered in consciousness-raising groups, […]

The Absolute Sovereignty of Women to Control Their Lives

Cross-posted with permission from Madama Ambi  I liked Melissa Harris-Lacewell’s take on Sharron Angle’s "let God take care of it" position re no abortion for rape/incest victims as she stated it last night on The Rachel Maddow Show.  Harris-Lacewell said:  I’m a person of faith & I like the idea that god can help, but […]

Metaphors for Internalized Misogyny

Cross-posted with permission from Madama Ambi of PatriarchalDISORDER You are growing up in a house with no mirrors.  That’s right, no mirrors.  But wait a sec, it’s not just your house!  As you venture out into the world, you discover there are no mirrors anywhere.  You can’t see what you look like and must rely […]

A Survivor of Domestic Abuse Tells Her Story–Podcast

Patty Sherman says that she "escaped" her abusive marriage in 2000.  In June of this year, 2010, she passed the ninth anniversary of her freedom, healing process and the recovery of her self.  Patty speaks out to educate the public because she knows that it’s hard, if not impossible, to understand how it happens and […]

Interview with Nora Shourd, Mother of Imprisoned Hiker in Iran

Listen to my interview with Nora Shourd, mother of Sarah Shourd, one of three imprisoned hikers in Evin prison, Iran. For the past ten and a half months she’s been in solitary confinement in Evin prison, Iran. Before that she was traveling in Syria, Yemen and Ethiopia, writing about women in these cultures, struggling to […]