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Tipper is Free: The Marriage Thing

Cross-posted with permission from patriarchalDISORDER. I’m waiting for Tipper Gore to talk about why she ended her forty-year marriage to Al Gore.  I’d be surprised to discover that he’s the one who needed a change, not that I know anything about Al Gore’s inner life but mostly because I can well imagine how a woman […]

My Mother Was No Saint

Cross-posted with permission from patriarchal disorder and dated from March 16. It’s St. Patty’s Day tomorrow, my mother’s birthday, and I’m feeling it. Today, while paying bills, which my mother carried out so much more efficiently than I ever have, I used my solar calculator to figure out that, if she were alive today, she […]

Do You Speak Matriarch? Yoo-Hoo Mrs. Goldberg & Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Yoo–Hoo Mrs. Goldberg, film about the life and work of Gertrude Berg, who spoke Matriarch to a nation before the advent of I Love Lucy. Pray the Devil Back to Hell, film about the women’s peace movement in Liberia, led by Leymah Gbowee, who remembered her mother-tongue and used it. This morning, during my usual […]

Dear Honey: Letters to the Wives of Senators

Comprehensive Reproductive Healthcare for Women It just so happens that Honey Alexander, wife of Senator Lamar Alexander, was the first name on my list. As I read her bio, I couldn’t help thinking that we would probably agree on many issues, especially those impacting children. This letter asks wives of senators to prevail upon their […]

Caregiving in Context: A Powered Woman

(This was originally written during the presidential campaign of 2008, specifically to submit a feminist platform to the Democratic party.) Imagine the world without mothers.  Do we have a world?  No.  The center circle in the middle of our world of concentric circles is a mother, a woman who wants to be a mother and […]

Burnout Antidote: Feminist/Womanist Support Group

I’ve been through burnout so many times you’d think by now I would know how NOT to get thoroughly depleted, but there are many sources that keep me chugging along, some of which I know very well, some I’m just confronting. As someone who has a background in psychotherapy, I know, theoretically and clinically, how […]

Dear Barbara Boxer: YOU’RE IT

Dear Senator Boxer: I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan not only for your stance on issues impacting women and girls, but also because you’re courageous and know how to handle your colleagues and the press with sechel! (I hope I’ve spelled that correctly.) I used to live in the Bay Area but am now […]

It’s Not About You

Recently I’ve had several interchanges with women on Twitter that have concerned me.  I’m talking about a fellow tweep personalizing a point I made, taking exception, becoming resentful, interpreting my point as an arrow I’ve flung at her.  Not only have I had this happen in my online conversations, but I’ve also witnessed this happening […]

The Box

Imagine a box big enough to fit 25 women reduced to video-game size.  Imagine this is all happening on a screen before your very eyes, and that the box has 4 sides at least 5 times higher than any of the women but has no top, so that you can observe. Imagine a narrow band […]

Letter to President Obama: Plea for the Human Rights of Women, Tribute to a Matriarch

Dear Group:  Yesterday I posted my Letter to President Obama: Plea for the Human Rights of Women, Tribute to a Matriarch at I’m asking that people sign the letter using the comments box.  Today I received this update (below) on life in Afghanistan, and thought I would include part of it with my request […]