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Open Letter to Leaders

Dear Leader:  If you’re receiving this email you are either an acknowledged leader in women’s movement or a woman in whom I see emerging leadership.  I am increasingly impressed and depressed at the same time:  impressed with the work happening everywhere, with the talent abounding wherever I look, and yet depressed by no sense of […]

email to emily kadar of feminist campus

Emily–I see myself as a bridge-builder and a cross-pollinator among women’s groups, and I have been spending time getting to know all the players in the femisphere, as well as forming Feminist Advisory Board for Obama, which now exists on both Facebook and Organizing for America.  I’m very impressed with Feminist Campus’ energy and organization, […]

Danielle wants to know what we are trying to do here…

Though this video focuses on African American women and their quest towards ministry there are numerous aspects of this discussion that apply to the women’s movement and issues of women and women of color in the movement. Additionally, the video features students and alumnae of my alma mater, Spelman College. To view visit: Also, […]

Adele Nieves and SPEAK!

For more about Adele Nieves, photos and to hear the interview, visit the post! Excerpt cross-posted with permission from the Feminist Advisory Board for Obama. — My parents used to tell people that they discovered Barbra Streisand. They saw her in a small club in the Village and although she may have already put out […]