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Goodbye & Good Luck to Fem2 Associate Editor Lauryn Gutierrez

At the end of the month, our Associate Editor Lauryn Gutierrez is continuing her journey in the social justice space by taking a new position as Communications Associate at RH Reality Check, an award-winning publication that does investigative reporting, news commentary, and analysis on issues regarding sexual and reproductive health and justice. Since the beginning […]

A Feminist Abroad

I’m quite the zoo creature here in the palace of the sultan. Or, more properly, this luxury hotel in the Orient. Despite staying at the nicest hotel in a very modern town, I stick out like a giraffe in my Armani suit and Hermes scarf. The working women here (that is, the flight attendants and […]

(We Wish) Rachel Dolezal Statement on SC Shooting

This is the statement we wish Rachel Dolezal would release today: RACHEL DOLEZAL: Statement on Charleston, SC Church Shooting While the press has been obsessed with my story, countless acts of violence and racism have fallen from media attention. We were yanked back into the dangerous reality of living black in America when a white […]

Lady Lawyers, Large Law Firms and Social Change

Although women continue to be severely under-represented at nearly every level in large U.S. law firms, there is some cause for hope, says a new report by Law360, the nation’s most comprehensive aggregator of online legal news. That hope can be found among a handful of so-called “Ceiling Smashers” – a group of 25 firms […]

Did Women Senators Re-Open Government Because They’re Just Nicer than Guys?

By now you may have heard that the original deal that got our government back to work was brokered by women . You can read about the details on any of these links, so we’ll move right on to the meat of this. But, now, let the games begin: does gender have anything at all to […]


I wept when the Zimmerman verdict was announced.  I sobbed as s a mother weeps when her heart is broken:  in loud, uncontrollable, hiccupping hysteria. But let me tell you the truth: I didn’t follow the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story closely. I couldn’t. You see, I’m the mother of boys. They’re big, threatening, refrigerator-sized boys. […]

Where Are The Men In The ‘Having It All’ Debate?

In response to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Atlantic piece, Suzanne Turner asks: Does anyone else find the resounding silence from the guys in our lives deafening? I’ve been looking and looking for the dad’s voice—even, for goodness sakes, Anne-Marie Slaughter’s husband’s voice—in the epic dust up over the Atlantic Monthly cover story. It’s no surprise that bloggers and Tweet chats […]

With Despair

Our nation is faced with historically urgent problems, yet our political discourse is focused on lunacy. We must negotiate two wars, economic collapse of historic proportions, a dwindling middle class, working poor on the edge of oblivion, entitlement systems that must be reformed lest they completely crush our system (or become unavailable to those in […]