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Help Us Celebrate the Women Who Made Our Lives Better

If we honor older women for their lifetime achievements, will anyone come? That was the question we asked 10 years ago, when we started the Foremother awards.  Our awards were definitely different from anyone else’s.  First of all, you had to be a woman over 70, and the older the better!  Not your typical award […]

No More Pap Smears?

If you’re a woman over 21, that headline probably got your attention. After all, who likes Pap smears? Wouldn’t it be great to never need one again? Well, don’t get too excited because the alternative could be worse, if a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee gets its way. The committee proposes replacing Pap […]

The Other Clinics: WWWD?

Why is it that so many legislators in Texas, Virginia, Alabama, and other states care so much about women’s health that they have taken time from their busy schedules to pass legislation to protect women from unsafe abortions?  The legislation, cloned from state to state, requires abortion clinics to meet the same very stringent criteria as […]

Angelina Jolie’s Decision

When I read about Angelina Jolie’s announcement this week, I cringed. I have greatly admired her willingness to speak out on important issues over the years. Her public announcement about her mastectomies will certainly reassure some women that losing a breast to breast cancer isn’t quite as frightening as it had once seemed. But Ms. […]

Breast implants as therapy? Not so much

Editor’s Note The Breast Implant Information Project is a project of the National Research Center for Women & Families. The project provides info that women need about breast implants, based on the latest research and talking to thousands of women with implants. Dr Diana Zuckerman, President of the National Reseach Center for Women & Families […]

Perfecting Bodies Through Chemistry?

Do you like your body?   If there was a simple way to change it, with no risks, would you do it? If making that change meant you would put your health at risk and have multiple surgeries for the rest of your life, would you hesitate? Most women say they don’t like their bodies, and […]

Notre Dame Football Players Rape Cover-up – What’s in the News and What Isn’t

Januaryu 7th, 2013/ Updated Version, January 9th, 2013 Thanks to extensive media coverage, almost everyone in the country knows that Notre Dame lost their championship football game to Alabama. But despite last year’s coverage on CBS, MSNBC and the Washington Post, few Americans are aware of Notre Dame’s cover-up of rapes by Notre Dame football players. Why is the football […]

Breasts on TV news — to help women or ratings?

A Washington, D.C. TV news program is showing real topless woman to demonstrate breast self-exams in the late afternoon and early evening — when children are sure to see it. The 4-part series started at the very end of breast cancer awareness month (October), which happened to be ratings sweep week. Is the series designed […]