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Geek Girls Carrots Maker Party Pop-Up Seattle

Let’s Make Things Together! “Programming is not magic inaccessible to regular folks. It's easy. I wish someone would've told me this sooner!” –Geek Girls Carrots Maker Party participant. This quote ...

To Heal Our Communities, We Must Treat Each Other as Family

What’s going on in Ferguson? We have failed as a community to treat each other as kin. This is apparent in the way this incident was handled. If Mike Brown ...

#ItTakesAllofUs to Fight Street Harassment

I’m about to get robbed. That was my first thought when I saw a man cut across my quiet, residential street and dart towards me just as dusk had begun to ...

Lighting the Dark & Crooked Road: Tools for Youth Who Want to Stop Slavery

[caption id="attachment_21203" align="aligncenter" width="300"] With his father, 18-year-old Brandon Friedman speaks to audiences about the dark realities of modern-day slavery in #BTLslavery events this summer in nine U.S. cities, July ...

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Clara Vaz

Clara Ashley Gabriella Vaz is a full time writer and women’s rights consultant. She has a BA in Political Science from Laval University and a Masters in International Law from Kent in Brussels, and has worked for several organizations on human rights and gender issues, including UNICEF, HPCR International and the European Parliament. She recently spent seven months in Swaziland working on sexual violence and rape laws for SWAGAA and continuing her writing as communications officer for the Breast Cancer Network. Clara tweets at @ClaraVaz1.

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