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New Pay Gap Data Shows It’s Not “The End of Men”

Hanna Rosin’s new book, The End of Men, came out yesterday. While I haven’t yet read it, I saw her recent New York Times Magazine cover story and watched a couple of her Daily Beast videos. Rosin’s overall message is that today’s economy favors women over men. While the three Alabama wives Rosin follows in […]

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#Motherfkd: Economy Will Suffer If People Cannot Plan Parenthood

Social issues Female issues Women’s issues Single issue voters Can we please stop this pretense that effective birth control and safe and legal abortion did not transform society and help families by enabling women to plan their parenthoods and go to work? What purpose does it serve, except to deny reality and mislead people? So […]

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The Disturbing Symbolism of the GOP Convention

Like tens of millions of other people, I watched the Republican National Convention. During the week we were subjected to a new high in the political dangers of the narrow-casting of our media world and the debasement of public discourse, both of which were most startlingly demonstrated by Paul Ryan’s willingness deceive the American public […]

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We Are All Sonali

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that women’s bodies are their own? This is what Eve Ensler calls a #ReasonToRise: Today 27-year-old Sonali Mukherjee will have surgery to help reconstruct her face. It melted nine years ago, leaving a painful mask in its place, after three young men poured acid on her while she slept. […]

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Feminism is Dead. Long Live Feminism.

Twice last week, in two different articles, did I read some concoction of ‘feminism is dead.’ It was, of course, in response to the horrific trial verdict for Pussy Riot, the Muscovite punk band who staged an impromptu jam session at an Orthodox church in the city, imploring the Virgin Mary to become a feminist […]

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When Standing Up to Sexual Harassment Makes You a B*tch

I recently enjoyed my lunch break by picking up books at MLK Library, located in Gallery Place/Chinatown in Northwest DC. A few steps after I left MLK to return to work, an older man walked briskly toward me on the sidewalk, pointing his finger as he approached. “You’re sexy,” he said, continuing to point at me as he passed.

“Stop harassing women,” I said. I didn’t turn around to see his reaction. A young man waking beside me chuckled. I wasn’t laughing. In my work clothes with my books, I immediately felt embarrassed and objectified by what he said.

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Who Owns Public Spaces?

Last weekend I was at the gym, waiting for a fellow male bodybuilder to get off the pullup bars. Yours truly can do about 7-10 wide grip pullups unassisted of which she’s very proud, and that Saturday was a heavy back day. While I’m waiting, another gym guy comes up and asks me if I’m […]

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It Worked! Candy Crowley is a Moderator. What’s Next?

Add my big congratulations to New Jersey teens Sammi Siegel, Elena Tsemeris, and Emma Axelrod for having the chutzpah to question their elders at the Commission on Presidential Debates and educate the American public while they were at it. The young women asked why had it been 20 years since the last women moderated a […]

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Protest Women As Sluts and Farm Animals

This upcoming Saturday, August 18th, thousands of protesters are converging on the Capitol in Washington, DC at a women’s rights rally.   I have to ask, along with the organizers, We Are Woman, spokesperson Jessica DelBazlo, who wrote here last week: Why don’t more people know about this national march? The event is focused on the […]

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Teen Girls: Depression, Anger and Powerlessness

Growing up, lots of girls get the message that the phrase “angry woman” is an oxymoron. A little like boys might get the message that “sad man” is. Girls are taught that overtly expressing anger threatens their relationships. Depression, on the other hand, does not. New data from a national survey conducted between 2008 and 2010 reveals that […]

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