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Soraya Chemaly Talks Online Harassment of Women & the 2016 Election

Soraya Chemaly sat down with Alan Rosenblatt on The Dr. DigiPol Show for an hour-long discussion about the online harassment of women and its relationship to the 2016 Presidential election. The conversation ranged from gamergate to Trump’s harassment of women to the harassment of Hillary Clinton.  This is MUST SEE Web TV!

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Wake Up & Smell the Justice – Are We On the Up & Up?: The Fem2 Friday Rewind 12.5-12.11 2015

Welcome to the Fem2 Friday Rewind for the week of 12.5-12.11, 2015 – I’m happy to say there are more good things to highlight! Bring a little feminist positivity to tonight’s holiday party and wow your friends with your current knowledge of the latest fast facts in feminist news!     #RAPECULTURE #SEXUALASSAULT #BLACKWOMENMATTER FORMER […]

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Internet Trolls Find Feminist Fodder a Little Too Delicious, and I’m Done Being Digested

“Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion;” – the old adage all of our parents used any time they heard something that contradicted something they practiced, preached, or otherwise believed. The family across the street is Catholic, and we’re Protestant. The new neighbors don’t eat meat. We come home from school and we thought our book report on Harry Potter […]

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The only way I get my news from God is via his Twitter account. Some people get their information on their knees, some in a house of worship, others hear God through Fox News. This week, the Almighty boiled down into one new commandment what I had been struggling with in my small, mortal (female) brain over the past couple of weeks:


Classic God, able to put down in 140 characters the grotesque hypocrisy of some of his most ardent followers.

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#ItTakesAllofUs to Fight Street Harassment

I’m about to get robbed. That was my first thought when I saw a man cut across my quiet, residential street and dart towards me just as dusk had begun to settle over Washington, D.C. I was walking to the bus stop, en route for the grocery store and Target, and I was carrying the usual […]

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3 Things Elan Gale Could Have Done to Support Workers Instead of Harassing a Strange Woman

Elan Gale, producer of The Bachelor, recently took a flight home for Thanksgiving where he encountered a very irate passenger who apparently decided to take it out on the staff. This would have nothing to do with me, except for that Elan decided that this woman was proper fodder for internet mockery, and so decided […]

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Richard Dawkins defends the indefensible

This piece was posted here with permission from The Sin City Siren *Massive trigger warning for sexual abuse and related crimes* There I was sitting in a waiting room, scrolling through my twitter feed when I happened upon the Salon article reporting on how celebrated atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins has decided that “mild pedophilia” does not […]

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What it feels like to be street harassed

Three minutes ago, you were walking down the street, swinging your bag with your new pink Mizunos (Wendy Davis’ brand! The best sneaker to fight the patriarchy in!) around like a pinwheel, laughing with your friends on your way to dinner at that latin-asian fusion place on 14th you had heard so much about. Your […]

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Slut Riot! Busting through the layers of slut-shaming

Over on my site, The Sin City Siren, we launched a week-long series on slut-shaming called Slut Riot! It all started when I asked my intern to pick a feminist book and review it during the late-summer doldrums. Her pick — Emily White’s Fast Girls: Teenage Tribes and the Myth of the Slut — not […]

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My home is not safe for women

By now, all of us are aware of the tragic circumstances of Rehtaeh Parsons’ rape, torment, and suicide. I don’t need to provide the details of what happened to her. To be honest, and perhaps selfishly so, I know I can’t bear to write about it. Because this isn’t the first time we have written […]

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