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How are children supposed to know about boundaries and consent when there are mixed signals everywhere?

When I was a young the first I heard about sex and all that jazz was through friends.  Most of what they ‘knew’ isn’t worth speaking of now but as far as I was aware at the time they were fountains of knowledge on the matter and not to be questioned.  I went to a […]

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Nothing Virtual About Cyber Harassment

It was 2007, and I was at a loud party with friends. My phone had been ringing incessantly and they were all numbers I didn’t recognize so at first I chose to ignore the calls. Finally, about seven calls later, I decided to figure out what was going on and answered my phone. A male […]

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What’s Wrong with Gossiping and How To Speak Out Against It

I still remember the feeling of anxiety that came along with the excitement of being part of the in-crowd. The first few weeks of school are always a little stressful with me wanting to make sure I had friends and wasn’t an outcast.

And each year, I successfully landed a spot in a nice group of girls that I had a lot of fun with. We had sleepovers, movies, lunch dates, and pedicure parties.

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Is it Open Season on Troll Hunting?

First, Adrian Chen identified Reddit’s notorious Violentacrez, the man behind the infamous Jailbait Reddit and a bunch more misogynist ones.  And then Anonymous released the name and information of the man allegedly responsible for the harassment that pushed Amanda Todd to commit suicide. If you haven’t seen Amanda’s Youtube video, it’s heartbreaking, especially since Amanda […]

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