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Maya Raghu & Workplaces Respond on Behalf of Domestic Violence Survivors

Author’s Note:  Raghu is now at the National Women’s Law Center. Linda A. Seabrook now serves as Project Lead and General Counsel for FUTURES   Maya Raghu has always been interested in human rights.  A child of immigrant parents, she was fascinated by the responsibilities of citizenship and its intersection with the rights of the people she […]

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Fem2 Friday Rewind: 2015 Favorites

Hello Feminist Friends, This week’s Rewind we bring you many of our favorite posts from our amazing bloggers they’ve shared with us this past year. As we reflect on the past year, I would like to thank all of our bloggers and the broader Fem2pt0 community for supporting our mission. All of you have worked […]

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Wake Up & Smell the Justice – Are We On the Up & Up?: The Fem2 Friday Rewind 12.5-12.11 2015

Welcome to the Fem2 Friday Rewind for the week of 12.5-12.11, 2015 – I’m happy to say there are more good things to highlight! Bring a little feminist positivity to tonight’s holiday party and wow your friends with your current knowledge of the latest fast facts in feminist news!     #RAPECULTURE #SEXUALASSAULT #BLACKWOMENMATTER FORMER […]

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On Rhetoric, Responsibility & ReproRights: The Fem2 Friday Rewind 11.28-12.4 2015

Note from the Associate Editor: This last week leaves me only wanting to look forward.  The painful collective cultural memories we’ve shared in the U.S. these recent days leaves me haunted, and, quite honestly, afraid.  Black Friday, for many people across the country, took on a dark, double meaning after the murders of three people at […]

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Colorado Springs and What It Means for The #WarOnWomen

  The term “Black Friday” means something different for the residents of Colorado Springs, Colo. after what transpired in their Planned Parenthood the day after Thanksgiving this year. Robert Dear entered the Planned Parenthood building, and after a five hour long event and police standoff, surrendered to police after hospitalizing nine, and killing a police […]

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White Women: The Time for Passivity Has Passed

We are heartbroken by the recent events in Charleston, SC.  We are heartbroken, and we are angry, that someone made “protecting women” their excuse to hurt and take the lives of innocent, peaceful people. I implore you to read this thoughtful piece from Chloe Angyal of The New Republic on the passive role of white women in […]

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(We Wish) Rachel Dolezal Statement on SC Shooting

This is the statement we wish Rachel Dolezal would release today: RACHEL DOLEZAL: Statement on Charleston, SC Church Shooting While the press has been obsessed with my story, countless acts of violence and racism have fallen from media attention. We were yanked back into the dangerous reality of living black in America when a white […]

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Elliot Rodger and American Masculinity

Mental health is always a factor to consider each time we dissect the latest mass shooting in this country. So is easy access to guns. But, in so many of these cases, including the latest horror in Santa Barbara, we should be talking about masculinity. There are three traditional ways to prove one’s manhood in […]

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The Stigma of Being One in Four

I have been in therapy, off and on, for the past six years. In hindsight, I would describe the younger Kathleen as anxious, worried, and concerned about the future. As I got older, I became a perfectionist; one of those over-achieving kids who never felt as though they were ‘getting it right’. In university I […]

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How Many Bodies Do We Have To Count?

Like millions I am filled with profound sadness and will have to talk to children about others just like them who should be alive and are not. We will all now know Sandy Hook Elementary School for the most tragic reasons. Tragic because these children are dead and their families shattered forever. Tragic because a […]

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