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I Don’t

The non-profit organization, that I currently work for, arranged for me to attend an all day seminar with lunch provided. One of the many objectives of these seminars is to network. As I looked around, I noticed that most everyone already knew each other. So, I began to do what my mother taught me best…become […]

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Round-up: Recession, job loss & their economic impact on women

  Everyone should be aware of how the recession and economic strife are impacting women (and frequently, therefore, children and families) disproportionately.  Here’s a list of articles that provide numerous perspectives on the issues: 1. From Women’s eNews today:Women are almost twice as likely as men to hold subprime mortgages. That means the ability of […]

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Adele Nieves and SPEAK!

For more about Adele Nieves, photos and to hear the interview, visit the post! Excerpt cross-posted with permission from the Feminist Advisory Board for Obama. — My parents used to tell people that they discovered Barbra Streisand. They saw her in a small club in the Village and although she may have already put out […]

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Twitter the Oscars – Out of Snark, Insight

We won’t be able to focus on anything Sunday night except the Academy Awards, and, admit it, neither will you. So, why fight it? The topic of this week’s Fem2.0 Twittercast will be, The Oscars – Out of Snark, Insight. To make sure we don’t miss any togetherness and feminist snark around this important national […]

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