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Joss Whedon: Female Friend or Feminist Fodder?

May has been a busy month for Joss Whedon, and it’s far from over. Avengers: Age of Ultron was the highest grossing film in the two weeks it has been in theaters, and it’s projected to still be in the top three grossing movies of this week. Whedon saw great praise for the film on one […]

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Why you should be happy about the Veronica Mars movie, even if you don’t like Veronica Mars

Unless you’ve been living in a far-flung locale off the grid, it would be hard to miss the hullabaloo about the Veronica Mars movie, which debuted in limited release and video-on-demand on March 14. Whether you’re on Team Reboot or Team I-DON’T-CARE-PLEASE-SHUT-UP-ALREADY, there is no denying that the record-breaking fan-funding that breathed life back into […]

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Athena Film Festival 2014: Lady Leaders and Progressive Storytelling

For the past four years the annual Athena Film Festival, founded by Melissa Silverstein of Women and Hollywood and Kathryn Kolbert of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, has provided a jam-packed weekend showcase for films about women and girls.  Not only are these films about women and girls, the women and girls portrayed are […]

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Why We All Need Beyoncé’s Feminism

2013 has been a major year for feminism in the media, and feminist victories. Perhaps most importantly, thanks to Mikki Kendall and her hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen, it’s been a year for recognizing the way white mainstream feminism has been failing at intersectionality. It is time for white, cisgender, heterosexual, able feminists to sit down and listen […]

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When It Comes to Reproductive Rights Feminism Cannot Be Blind to Biology

Anyone who has worked in the field of matrimonial and family law, as I have, would be shocked to learn of the purported “forced fatherhood” crisis that has been announced multiple times this year, most recently at Salon. Ignoring a few minor points, “stuff like biology, economics and reality,” Anna March argues that we should make […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Girls: The 2013 Edition

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to find that elusive perfect gift for the girl(s) in your life. When so many gifts marketed to girls are highly gendered, promotingstereotyped and objectified images of girls, holiday shopping can be a frustrating experience. That’s why, for the second year in a row, we’ve created a list of gifts that […]

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Kelly Clarkson: ‘Not a Feminist’

“I wouldn’t say [I’m a] feminist, that’s too strong. I think when people hear feminist it’s just like, ‘Get out of my way I don’t need anyone,’” she says. “I love that I’m being taken care of, and I have a man that’s an actual leader. I’m not a feminist in that sense … but I’ve worked really hard since I was 19, when I first auditioned for Idol.”

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The Power of the Feminine in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Sons of Anarchy has always considered itself a modern-day morality play. The club doles out unlawful justice, and usually punishes enough really bad guys to make us feel like they are the good guys. However, the peripheral damage that the club is responsible for took us, the audience, to a breaking point early in season 6.

Some critics were concerned at the beginning of this season because Jax didn’t appear to feel enough remorse after the school shooting (which was made possible because the club ran guns). I argued that this was in keeping with the tradition of morality plays–because we are supposed to judge and question what constitutes virtue and vice, and Sons of Anarchy is forcing us to do that.

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What not to wear on Halloween

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about ways we can keep Halloween fun and interesting without relying on the tired old sexist, and sometimes racist, tropes. But it’s worth noting that there are a lot of pitfalls out there, especially if you’re in the market for a pre-packaged costume. Here’s my nominees for the […]

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A Q&A with Take Back Halloween

It’s that time of year again. People are putting out pumpkins, the air is peppered with the smell of crisp autumn leaves (or so I remember from my pre-desert days), and the same dull, sexist, racist pre-packaged Halloween costumes are lining the shelves. I don’t remember ever getting a costume that came in a plastic […]

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