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What do you need to change in the next Emmy Awards?

In a considerably hectic news month, it was a nice treat to be able to watch the 2013 Emmy Awards last Sunday night and see the glitz and glamour of what I consider to be the “kickoff” of awards season, even though the other prominent award shows such as the Golden Globes and Oscars won’t […]

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Older Women Week: How ‘Golden Girls’ Shaped My Feminism

A child of the 80s, I grew up watching TV shows like Murder She Wrote and Love Boat. Living with my grandparents for 6 years clearly influenced my television viewing habits! But my favorite series of my childhood — and one of my absolute faves as an adult — was Golden Girls.

Humorous and feel-good, I didn’t realize at the time that Golden Girls was such a cutting edge show. It’s not often that a movie or TV series focuses solely on female characters. It’s even rarer when those women are over the age of 50. Following the lives of four single female friends living together in Miami, Golden Girls showed us that grandmothers are sharp, funny and sexy, that they still have goals and dreams. It forever shaped the way I view women.

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Girl Be Heard: Staging the Revolution via Theater

Girl Be Heard (originally known as the Project Girl Performance Collective) is a not-for-profit theater group that is the brainchild of Ashley Marinaccio, Artistic Director, and Jessica Greer Morris, Executive Director. They have melded their talents and backgrounds to create “social justice theater.” The new name reflects a rebranding, as the organization moves beyond its New York City roots to take on worldwide issues.

Part of the arts and activism movement that has been embraced by Culture Project and Eve Ensler, among others, Girl Be Heard has gained traction as part of the Manhattan theater scene—no easy task. With a strong Board of Directors and high profile supporters that include Gloria Steinem and Peggy Kerry, they already have a string of performances under their belt, from presentations at the White House to the United Nations.

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TAKE ACTION: This YouTube Channel normalizes Street harrasment

It’s no secret that society accepts street harassment as a normal part of women’s experiences in public spaces.Company after company has come under fire for trivializing street harassment, pegging it as a joke, compliment, or a great way to get a date. Many of those companies have rescinded or apologized for these portrayals. Now, a popular YouTube channel is the latest perpetrator of harmful attitudes toward street harassment — and we need your help to get it removed.

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Fitness Competitions: A dissection of fitness, health and beauty ideals

It seemed farcical. An ardent women’s rights advocate, and outspoken feminist, especially on body issues, I would be entering a fitness competition where winning meant being judged solely on appearance, presence and onstage personality. 12 weeks later, I’ve rarely been so humbled. The twice a day cardio and weight training and strict nutrition program brought […]

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We Need More Coming of Age Films With Female Leads and Characters of Color

Lately there has been a lot of attention paid to the new crop of coming of age films turning up everywhere, most recentlyThe Way, Way Back and The Spectacular Now. I get it; we all want to revisit that warm and fuzzy (and sometimes awkward) time in our lives when we weren’t quite sure who we were and what we wanted to become, but we were excited–or fearful–about the possibilities.

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Having It All Without Having Children

One evening when she was 14 years old, laura scott was washing dishes in the kitchen with her mother when she decided she didn’t want to have a child. “You might change your mind,” said her mother, whom Scott describes as “bone tired” from a life in which she “didn’t have any time for herself.” Scott’s mom worked as a samplemaker for an upholstery company; after making dinner for Scott and her brother, she’d park them in front of the television and go down to the basement to spend her evening cutting and sewing. That life was what “doing it all” meant to Scott. “I learned you could—but did you want to?” she says. At 26, Scott got married and waited for her mind to change. “I thought I would be struck by a biological lightning bolt,” she recalls. “It never happened. And I realized I was going to be fine.” As she says from her Tampa office, where she works as a professional coach, writer and documentary filmmaker, “My main motive not to have kids was that I loved my life the way it was.”

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How Gender Roles are Changing And How this has Affected My Life

Your view on the changes in women’s roles in the United States typically depends on what year you were born. So many things have changed in regards to women since I was born in nineteen and fifty-seven. Women born before my time can share even more about how our country has changed in regards to […]

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Hey White Feminists: Don’t Forget About Women Of Color

To those who bother with the matter at all know that it’s not really a secret that feminism has an exclusion problem. Pauline Terrelonge Stone writes in “Feminists Consciousness and Black Women” that racism is so ingrained in American culture and so entrenched among white women that black females have been reluctant to admit that anything affecting the white female could also affect them.” The cries of exclusion and marginalization are prevalent even while they are ignored. We need to acknowledge that uncomfortable fact and work within that discomfort to create change.

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Advertisers respond to Facebook campaign, images of gender-based violence

Just days since a massive campaign was launched by a coalition of more than 40 groups and individuals, advertisers have already begun to act swiftly about seeing their ads adjacent to images depicting rape and violence against women on Facebook. Indeed, the response has inspired hope that the demands in the Open Letter to Facebook […]

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