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If Our Country Wants to Reduce Sexual Assault on Campuses, We Must . . .

START BEFORE THEY GET TO CAMPUS (in fact before they get to high school). – To truly reduce sexual assault and sexual violence on college campuses, we need a movement focused on cultural transformation that takes place years before a college student steps on campus. If we really want to lower sexual assault on university campuses […]

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Support Healing Space for Survivors of Rape and Abuse: Give to the Monument Quilt Tour

The public reaction to survivors of rape and abuse publicly disclosing their experiences is often messy and problematic.  From high school students to news anchors, the American public struggles with how to support survivors of sexual violence. We live in a country where it is safer to commit an act of rape that to publicly […]

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Ending Gender-Based Violence Worldwide so Women Can Thrive

Across the globe, millions of women and girls are subject to violence simply because of their gender. We’ve seen it recently in the headlines—from gang rapes in India to the retaliation against girls in Afghanistan for merely pursuing their education. And sadly, only a fraction of this violence is reported. It’s estimated that a staggering […]

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What does violence against women look like?

I thought a long time about sharing the photo on the left, but decided to because we have so many others that glorify violence against women and turn into a joke or a game – like the advert on the right, which is one of many similar ones where violence against women is glamourized. Sexy is […]

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YWCA Glendale is Committed to Empowering and Serving Women Veterans

At the request of our Mayor to research female veterans’  needs in mid 2012,  YWCA Glendale conducted research and found that amongst  the 2 million women veterans and active duty service members across the nation, some statistics are alarming and indicate that the prevalence of traumatic events among female veterans reflects the following: • 81%-93% […]

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The relationship between domestic violence and chronic health conditions

Domestic violence (DV) affects about  35% of women in the U.S. and the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma these relationships cause are well-documented. We rightly celebrate the women who are able to overcome the tremendous barriers to leaving abusive relationships as survivors, but disturbingly, many of these women have lasting health problems years—or decades—down the […]

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1900s Street Harassment and Lessons for Today

In college, I double majored in history and women’s and gender studies, and I also regularly faced street harassment when I left campus. I had no language to talk about it at the time and I often changed my life to try to avoid it. Given my background, I really appreciate Stanford Professor Dr. Estelle […]

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60% of Americans Know a Survivor of Domestic Abuse: No More Excuses

Sixty percent (60%) of Americans know a survivor of domestic violence. 1 in 3 women (30%), 1 in 7 men (14%) report living with intimate violence. The bad news, when it comes to domestic violence, is that the situation, globally, is stunningly in its scope. The good news is that we have defined issues and […]

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