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Carolyn Maloney Garners Endorsement for Clinton’s Senate Seat

The conversation on who would replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate was ratcheted up a notch on Thursday (12/4). The National Organization for Women (NOW) Political Action Committee and the Feminist Majority Political Action Committee made a joint announcement endorsing Congresswoman Carolyn D. Maloney to take over Clinton’s seat. In their press release, Maloney’s […]

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SNL Star Amy Poehler on Her New Online Show “Smart Girls”

Exclusive Interview with actress Amy Poehler on her new digital TV series aimed at empowering young girls, "Smart Girls at the Party" Actress Amy Poehler made us all laugh earlier this year with her comedic impersonations of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live, but off screen she is actually quite serious about her […]

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Gender, Politics & Media Redux

One topic that spawned plenty of conversation during the race for the presidency, was the role of gender. Last week, New York Women In Communications presented The Spin Room: Gender, Politics & Media in the 2008 Election. The panel of four, Geraldine Ferraro, Arianna Huffington, Lesley Jane Seymour, and Marie Wilson — with moderator Carol […]

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Marriage names and Google rankings: A feminist 2.0 dilemma

A name is forever, once it’s been indexed in Google. There’s been much buzz about how to juice your Google presence by making your name more unusual, but what is a woman to do when she gets married? A quest for search engine optimization tips about how to preserve your Google rankings when you change […]

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The Fight for Pay Equity

As the elections highlighted, the economy continues to top the list of issues that women, and the public at large, are focusing on. There have been numerous studies and reports released recently that show that women suffer more during a down economy. They suffer more from the stress of worrying about their financial future, and […]

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What does feminism look like on the web?

I’ve always thought of the internet as a kitchen where every web page, every email, every embed is a menu of creative delicacies feeding the soul of our culture. Every image, every word, every interaction carries meaning for the post or page where it is found. Collectively, all those billions of moments are not just […]

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