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Can milk save men from the PMS monster?

We’ve all seen commercials that made us want to *not* buy a product. For men like myself, that might be the effect of a new “Got Milk?” campaign aiming to convince men that milk can reduce the symptoms of PMS. The campaign is centered around the micro-site, which features a few basic flash graphics […]

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New Conversations: What Are Your Thoughts about Race, Feminism and Social Media?

Online media has fostered new conversations about the intersections of race and feminism. My Google Reader feed agrees: while looking for this piece about white feminist privileges, I found many other posts on these topics. A few recent examples include the “Mommy, I want to be white” post on Feministing, “What Can the Black Man […]

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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Red Heel?

For several weeks now, I have been seeing the same set of advertisements around DC. Every time, I pause for a moment to let their strangeness wash over me. No, I’m not talking about those “Free Abortion Alternatives” posters plastered across the buses. No, in this case, I’m talking about the pedestrian safety advertisements produced […]

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How To Make a Girl Cooperate After You’ve Abducted Her

Slap her.  That’s right – I didn’t want to hold you in suspense any longer.  None of this ‘teaser sentence’ stuff where you are halfway through the blog post before you get the answer that you’ve been waiting for. The answer is: slap her.  At least, that’s what a new video game, "Duke Nukem Forever" (set to […]

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Competing Priorities? Feminism vs. everything else in your life

Recent estimates say that around 111 million people watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. A few were watching for the football; some for the halftime show; some for the commercials. I myself attended a “Most Sexist Super Bowl Ad” party in honor of the occasion. Some of you probably followed the proceedings on the #femsuperbowl hashtag on […]

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