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Why Victim-Blaming Hurts: My Story

Earlier this week, the New York Times was rightly criticized for victim-blaming and overall bad reporting in a story about the gang-rape of an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Texas. The reporter, James C. McKinley,  seems preoccupied with what the survivor wore, who she hung out with, and whether her mother was keeping a close watch—the […]

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Victims or Agents? Carla Koppell on the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Anybody who pays even the slightest attention to the world around them has a right to sometimes be a little confused about the lives women lead.  In America, we see news about women earning more Bachelor’s degrees than men while simultaneously being bombarded with words and images that portray women as mindless sex objects.  Internationally, […]

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Roots of Collective Bargaining

Cross-posted with permission from Madama Ambi "The boss is hurrying the life out of me." Rose Cohen and her father immigrated from Czarist Russia to the tenements of New York City, working exhausting schedules under harsh conditions to survive and to send for the rest of the family.  In this podcast, I read an excerpt […]

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Women’s Health Issues: News from This Week

It’s only Wednesday, and already, this has not been a good week for women’s health. As many of you know, the Planned Parenthood defunding debate continues. Sen. Schumer called H.R. 3 "dead on arrival" in the Senate, but pro-life Republicans show no sign of relenting. The New York Times has dubbed this a war on […]

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