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What the New York Times Will Never Understand About Millennials and Sex

Alright, New York Times, another article stating that millennials are a sex-obsessed, commitment-afraid group of people who hook up to pursue our careers. How many times do I have to say that we are not the only generation that has hooked up before? Please do not define our generation as the hook-up generation. It is far too soon.

Silly Times, did you forget the abundance of babies born from 1946-1964? With that many babies born, you have to remember what it takes to make a baby — that’s right, sex. So, all the randy soldiers came home to their wives (or husbands) and got it on. Granted, that is not the only reason why there are Baby Boomers. Soldiers were coming home to more prosperous times and many individuals wanted a sense of normalcy, so therefore wanted to start families. And we cannot forget about the sexual revolution.

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Letters of Hope: You are strength personified

Note from the Sin City Siren  I’ve assembled a group of talented writers who have joined forces to create a series of posts written as letters to our younger, recently traumatized selves. As a survivor of sexual abuse, it has been important for me to speak the words out loud. Survivors of any form of […]

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An open letter to the Anti Sex Ed crowd

Dear Anti Sex Ed Crowd: Greetings and salutations! I bet you’re surprised to hear from me. After all, you’ve spent some time lately calling me a terrible mother (on television no less) because I advocate for a much-needed update to Nevada’s sex education standards — originally passed at the height of the AIDS-panic-1980s — that […]

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Marriage Is on the Decline — But Single Still Feels Weird

Even dry British economists are talking about it. It feels like it’s been everywhere lately — even the Supreme Court. Marriage rates: just in a slump, or do we need to talk? The Economist reported earlier this year that marriage rates are continuing to decline in the U.S. and other parts of the developed world. […]

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Power and Sex: Presumed Consent is Killing Equality.

IN Swaziland, teenage girls are taught about sexually transmitted diseases, condoms and HIV testing information handed out at will as they learn that sex is dangerous and mostly for men.  In India, The Justice Verma Committee’s recommendation on recognizing marital rape as an offence under criminal law was hastily swept aside by the Standing Committee […]

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#HealthyLove Tweetchat on 2/11!

  What makes a relationship healthy?  What are the warning signs of abuse?  How can you help someone you know is in an abusive relationship?  If you’d like to start these conversations with yourself or someone you know, now’s the time because February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.  The stats show that 33% of teens in […]

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Singularly Stupid

For a country that built its reputation on the storied rugged individualist, its laws sure as hell don’t match the rhetoric. Are single people discriminated against? According to evidence out there, American singles take a financial hit on income taxes, health care costs, social security, and IRA choices to name a few. And it goes […]

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Is It The End of Courtship? Or The End Of Unequal, Unhealthy, And Unfulfilling Relationships?

The New York Times wants us to believe the End of Courtship is a disaster for young people, especially women. But new types of relationships—in which men and women are equal partners—inevitably require new ways of seeking them out, says Abigail Collazo.

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The Phenomenal Women Who Inspire Us

When my editor sent out a request for us to ponder which woman inspire us, I posted the question on Facebook. I was curious if there would be a consensus (there wasn’t). And I was curious to know what kind of woman it was that invoked such an awesome emotion. After all, to inspire someone […]

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“Special” Protections for “Special” Women: Why the Violence Against Women Act Expired

Nobody warned me. When I started to “come out” as a feminist activist – not just talking with friends, but sharing articles on Facebook, writing extensively about women’s rights, and participating in advocacy movements – nobody warned me. Nobody warned me that friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and sometimes total strangers who’d come across my […]

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