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6 months after Chibok abduction, #EducateOurGirls campaign raises money to help girls who escaped #BokoHaram

 Editor’s Note: This week marks six months since the abduction of more than 200 hundred Nigerian girls by Boko Haram. This Thursday, October 16 from 12-1pm EDT Fem2pt0 hosts the #EducateOurGirls tweetchat with special guest Dr. Margee Ensign, President of the American University of Nigeria and board member of the American University of Nigeria Foundation. […]

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There is No Such Thing as Traditional Activism

Tweet Chat: On Thursday, February 28, at 2 PM ET Fem.2.0 will host a Tweet Chat with special guests, Cindy Cooper, creator of  “Words of Choice“,  and   feminist writer, Soraya Chemaly ,  to discuss  how important it is for women to keep fighting for their reproductive rights and the role the theater plays as a vehicle to transmit […]

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Goodbye Fem2.0: A Beginning

The second thing I always do when I get home is examine the side of the refrigerator.  Yes, six years after her youngest child graduated college and moved to another city, my mother still cuts out articles from the Economist and the New York Times and pastes them to the side of the refrigerator for […]

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Uniting on the War Against Women

On Saturday, April 28, in the shadow of the 60 Centre Street courthouse engraved with the words, “The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government,” a crowd of over 500 people assembled. It was a gathering that was part of a network of events taking place across the nation, put into […]

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Why March? Because “Equal Enough” for Women is Unacceptable

American women need to be recognized as full citizens. Yes, women in this country. It’s me again, sitting in my office, by myself, saying that “equal enough” is NOT. But, I am not alone. Tomorrow, Saturday, April 28th, thousands of women and men will participate in 53 marches and rallies for women’s rights in 45 states and […]

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Why Do We Report Abuse Online? Announcing Tweet Chat 3/22 3PM at #EndTheSilence about #IDidNotReport

The Twitter hashtag #IDidNotReport has been trending for over a week now.  After being started by an English blogger called “The London Feminist,” men and women alike have been taking to the social network to share their stories of abuse and their reasons for not reporting the crime when it happened. But they’re reporting it […]

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On Roe v. Wade Anniversary, Nevada Proposes Third Anti-Choice Initiative

On this 39th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the guiding question for NARAL’s Blog for Choice Day is this: What will you do to help elect pro-choice candidates in 2012? And this got me thinking about the famous JFK quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do […]

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fem*ex – The Female Experience

Like many DC transplants, I had stars in my eyes and aspirations of changing the world when I moved to the city 6 years ago. I went full speed ahead, achieving my goals of working for national women’s organizations and finishing graduate school. I learned some hard lessons, most notably that building authentic professional relationships […]

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Intimate Wars: Sex is Intimate. So is Pregnancy.

War can be an intimate experience, often in a deeply personal way, even though it’s a shared collective event.  People experience the physical effect of war through their bodies and perceive their emotional experience in their minds.  My grandmother lived through an occupation, and her strongest memories were of being hungry.  Of her brother being […]

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Intimate Wars: A Faithful Feminist

I am a believer. If I had to name my religion, it would be “Judaism-Islam.” As the believers of both religions believe in One God, my heart stays indivisible. It is a paradox. I cannot choose between these two religions, the two principals of my family (in which there are also devout but very tolerant […]

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