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Intimate Wars: The First – And Next – Time I Stood Up For Abortion Rights

The first time I  stood up for abortion rights was back in 1994 in the middle of a freezing cold North Dakota winter.  As I stood in the sub-freezing wind outside that clinic, being screamed at by a hysterical mob of religious zealots, I was terrified.  I had never even been out of town without […]

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Intimate Wars: Discussing Abortion During Polite Dinner Conversation

It had been a lovely wedding, and now the reception was packed. We sat down to dinner; at my table was my husband and three of our friends, along with three of the groom’s friends from grad school. Introductions were made and small talk ensued, and as our salad courses were cleared away one of […]

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Intimate Wars: My Body, My Choice, My Intimate War.

What does war look like?  Taste like?  Smell like?  Images and soundtracks come to mind from centuries of conflict: guns roaring, cannons booming, flesh burning, bombs exploding. These are the sights and sounds that remind us of what we know to be a universal truth: no matter where, when, how, or why . . . […]

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Intimate Wars Blog Series: My Abortion Story

It’s been over 40 years since I founded Choices Women’s Medical Center, one of the first and currently the largest and most comprehensive women’s health care centers in the country. Two years before the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, I opened the doors of Choices to provide women with services they desperately needed. […]

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What’s So Intimate About War, Anyway? (Book Giveaway Contest Announcement!)

Two weeks ago, I attended a presentation by Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico and a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.  This lecture was part of a series I had to attend for my graduate school program in Global Security Studies, and the speech and Q&A afterwards focused on issues like […]

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Are You A WINner?

Networking can be stressful. Walking up to strangers, job-grubbing, the part where you realize you forgot your business cards…It’s also tough to make contacts in new cities. Especially the transition from a hyper-political town like DC to a hyper-everything town like New York City. That’s where the Women’s Information Network (WIN) comes in to save […]

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What Steven Greenstreet Doesn’t Understand About Space, Gender, and Occupying Wall Street

I haven’t followed the #Occupy protests very carefully.  Maybe that’s because I am one of the few people left in the country who still has full time employment.  Maybe it’s because I also go to school at night.  Maybe it’s because I’m simply tired.  For whatever reason, I haven’t been involved in it. However, it […]

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The Plan to Eventually Love My Body

I don’t know how they do it.  Women who shout from the rooftops how much they love themselves and their bodies – celebrating their awesome “shero” female power!  I think they are either the most enlightened and strong and amazing women EVER, or else they are practicing positive affirmation – telling themselves something in the […]

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Three in Four of Us

Three years ago my dear friend Jana Mackey was murdered by her ex-boyfriend that she’d broke up with a few weeks previous. She had said that he was beginning to seem controlling. She was just finishing her first year in law school and was accepted to an internship program in which first-years never get accepted. […]

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Warriors & Peacemakers: Innovative PBS Documentary Series ‘Women, War and Peace’ Explores Women’s Role in Conflict

As crystallized in the coverage of the North African revolutions, journalists, media pundits and the public often forget women’s participation in conflict and security. When people discuss war, they often don’t take women or gender into account. Women become the forgotten collateral. Yet they consistently play a pivotal role. Women govern and lead their communities, […]

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