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Intimate Wars: The First – And Next – Time I Stood Up For Abortion Rights

The first time I  stood up for abortion rights was back in 1994 in the middle of a freezing cold North Dakota winter.  As I stood in the sub-freezing wind outside that clinic, being screamed at by a hysterical mob of religious zealots, I was terrified.  I had never even been out of town without […]

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Intimate Wars: Discussing Abortion During Polite Dinner Conversation

It had been a lovely wedding, and now the reception was packed. We sat down to dinner; at my table was my husband and three of our friends, along with three of the groom’s friends from grad school. Introductions were made and small talk ensued, and as our salad courses were cleared away one of […]

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What’s So Intimate About War, Anyway? (Book Giveaway Contest Announcement!)

Two weeks ago, I attended a presentation by Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico and a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.  This lecture was part of a series I had to attend for my graduate school program in Global Security Studies, and the speech and Q&A afterwards focused on issues like […]

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This week’s Taste of Feminism

Reading Materials Robert Massie has written another fascinating book, Catherine the Great. I bought it two days ago, and since then, I haven’t put it down. The story is about Sophia Augusta Fredrika von Anhalt Zerbst, a relatively unknown princess of minor German nobility, who traveled to Moscow to marry her second cousin, Peter, and […]

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When Talking About Fertility, Try a Little Tenderness

When the New York Times recently asked “Are You as Fertile as You Look?” the question was rhetorical. The reporter suggested womenfolk are ignorant about their declining fertility because they confuse youthful looks with having youthful ovaries. It’s easy to judge women like the ones trotted out for this piece; in their late 30s through mid 40s, they […]

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I Hope I Get Pregnant in Mississippi

Next week, Mississippi residents will get to vote on Proposition 26, the “Personhood Amendment.”  This would amend the Mississippi state constitution to include in its definition of “persons” all human beings from the moment of fertilization, cloning or functional equivalent thereof.  In Mississippi at least, the question of when does life begin would be answered […]

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Virginia Fights Back Against TRAP Laws

The War on Women has been fought over the past year or more in most of the country.  With Virginia’s off year elections comes the opportunity for the state to come out in front on issues.  So it should not have been a surprise when Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli began rolling […]

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The Ides of March and the Myth of Female Sex Objects in Politics

There she was – pretty and flirty and blonde and sexy and damn cute.  Like all female political interns, of course. Because both I and the guy are former political staffers and current young professionals living in our nation’s capital, I wasn’t surprised at all when his idea for a first date was to go […]

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Why it Won’t Matter When the Supreme Court Revokes Roe v. Wade

Although law school has been keeping me busy, I took a break yesterday to volunteer at NARAL Pro-Choice California’s annual luncheon. This was my first pro-choice event since my move to California, and it reminded me why keeping in touch with the movement is so important. One of the speakers, Slate Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick, […]

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Birth Control Recall

In case you didn’t know: today is World Contraception Day!  In case you missed it, and it wouldn’t have been that hard to, there was a recall of several birth control pills recently.  Every woman I shared this with was not just shocked they didn’t know – but panicked that their pill was included.  The […]

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