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Finding the Power in Women’s Voices

A growing group of organizations work on what is called “media democracy,” that is, changing the structure and legal framework of the media so that it reflects something a smidgeon closer to the actual public – including women. In all its complexity, the media – TV and cable, newspapers and film, magazines and podcasts – […]

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Fem2.0: White House Council on Women and Girls – Where’s the News Media?

Were you, like us, thrilled by the news that President Obama has created a Council on Women and Girls, putting Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen in charge? Read more about why we should be thrilled, here. We were less thrilled, however, to see the scanty coverage by the mainstream news media. Perhaps we are naive, […]

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White House Council on Women and Girls: Women and Girls Must Keep Speaking Up

After the 2008 Elections, more than 50 women’s groups sent a letter to the administration asking President Obama to resurrect the White House Office on Women created by the Clinton Administration. Today, the leaders of those women’s groups met at the White House to witness President Obama’s signing of an executive order creating the White […]

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Twittercasts and You: What Do You Want to Talk About?

Our weekly Twittercasts have covered all kinds of different topics, and, post-conference, we see them as a great way to keep in touch, make new connections and have an open forum to talk about all the issues we and the rest of the femisphere care about. That said, we also want to hear from you […]

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New Linkfluence Research Illuminates Influence of Women’s Issues and Feminists on the Political Web

We’re very excited to tell everyone that our friends at Linkfluence will be presenting at Fem2.0 new research about how feminist blogs/women’s issues fit in the US political Web. Some preliminary conclusions are:    1)   The feminist blogosphere is a dense, well-structured, and tight-knit network.  2)   The feminist blogosphere is tightly enmeshed in the progressive […]

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Peacock Feathers and Political Blogs

Cross-posted from e.politics. Quick: off the top of your head, name the most prominent voices in the progressive political blogoshere. Kos? A guy. Atrios? A guy. Josh Marshall? Glenn Greenwald? Jerome Armstrong? Ditto. The only top-level female bloggers in the general progressive political space who come to mind right away are Jane Hamsher and Digby […]

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The Golden Globes: Notes From A Male Feminist Blogger

As an African-American male blogger who sometimes comments on/covers celebrities in pop culture, I am often amazed at how callous some of the posts around the blogosphere have become regarding women and their dress and their sex lives. The tonic snark of celebrity blogging – the antidote to the fawning coverage of evening entertainment shows […]

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Progressive Women’s Voices — Changing the Conversation

The Women’s Media Center is putting out a call for women to join our Progressive Women’s Voices program. The deadline is December 15th. For more information, or to apply, click here. WMC President, Carol Jenkins, published the following commentary in The Huffington Post this week touching on the challenges of diversity in today’s media environment […]

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Mr. President-Elect, Where Are the Jobs for Women?

Today, in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times, Linda Hirshman asks a very important question about Obama’s proposed public works program to stimulate the economy: “Where Are the New Jobs for Women?” In the weekly address on Saturday, Obama said the administration will build roads and bridges, upgrade public schools, build out broadband, make […]

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Feminism, Changing the World, and the Internet

The Daily Beast recently polled 1,000 US voters about sexism in the 2008 elections. For me, the most striking poll result was that only 20 percent of women are willing to use the word "feminist" about themselves, and only 17 percent of all voters said they would welcome their daughters using that label. Yet, more […]

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