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To Run the World, Power Up Feminism

by Gloria Feldt from On The Issues Magazine Were you thinking we were done with elections and could take a few minutes to celebrate a pro-woman administration and a Democratically-controlled Congress that appears ready to embrace pro-choice and pro-equality measures? Sorry, my Sisters. Elections are never over when they are over. Candidates are already gearing […]

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What do you want a Presidential Commission on Women to do?

Last week, Rep. Jackie Speier introduced H.R. 1887 to Congress to create a Presidential Commission on Women, the first since the days of JFK. State and local commissions have been achieving a variety of objectives now for many years, from awareness raising on the concerns of women to more concrete projects like collecting past due […]

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Work in 21st Century: untethered, creative, and connected

A friend, Lisa Guide, suggested I blog about the meaning of work in the 21st century.  While flattered, I couldn’t imagine what I could add to the conversation.  And then I remembered (how could I forget?) the life changing baby gift bestowed by my employers in 1990 after the birth of my first child:  a […]

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Blog Carnival: Women and Work

Our blog carnival about women and work is in full swing. If you have a blog post going up, let us know in the comments or by email so we can add you to this list!   Joan Blades, MomsRising, Working Smart vs. Working Stupid, 03-25-09 It is hard for me to imagine a more […]

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Finding the Power in Women’s Voices

A growing group of organizations work on what is called “media democracy,” that is, changing the structure and legal framework of the media so that it reflects something a smidgeon closer to the actual public – including women. In all its complexity, the media – TV and cable, newspapers and film, magazines and podcasts – […]

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Fem2.0: White House Council on Women and Girls – Where’s the News Media?

Were you, like us, thrilled by the news that President Obama has created a Council on Women and Girls, putting Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen in charge? Read more about why we should be thrilled, here. We were less thrilled, however, to see the scanty coverage by the mainstream news media. Perhaps we are naive, […]

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White House Council on Women and Girls: Women and Girls Must Keep Speaking Up

After the 2008 Elections, more than 50 women’s groups sent a letter to the administration asking President Obama to resurrect the White House Office on Women created by the Clinton Administration. Today, the leaders of those women’s groups met at the White House to witness President Obama’s signing of an executive order creating the White […]

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A Message from AAUW

From Emily Pfefer of AAUW: Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows the gender pay gap has narrowed a mere one cent. Women now earn only 78 cents compared to the one dollar their male counterparts make. In response, AAUW launched a new grassroots campaign with a clear message: “Keep the Change until Women Have […]

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Omero: Women’s Issues In The Post-Ledbetter Era

This week I went to the fem2.0 conference here in DC. It was a great place to hear traditional feminist groups interact with bloggers and younger activists about the future of the women’s movement.  In particular, there was widespread excitement over President Obama’s recent signing of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. And at the […]

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Mothers of Dissension: A Case Study of How Internet-Fueled Moms Are Changing Things

The recent Washington Post article, “Pr. William’s Mothers of Dissension,”  is an excellent example of how women are using the Internet for local activism. Here’s a synopsis:   Prince William County, Virginia, was cracking down on illegal immigration, giving rise to racist rhetoric and dividing neighborhoods as residents lined up on either side of the […]

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