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Where Does Art Fit In?

When I heard about the Fem 2.0 conference, my first thought was, "Awesome!" Then I wondered who would be there… specifically where I’d find community. I am excited about uniting with my sharp, political, grassroots, grasstops, creative, tech-savvy, bold feminist sisters, but where would the self-proclaimed artists fit in? As the founder of The Saartjie […]

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Confessions of a Non-Feminist

Reading over the blog posts accumulated thus far, I am torn in a multitude of directions. My heart is overjoyed, seeing others who care and commit to advancing women’s equality in the world; however, a point of discomfort, a gnawing of some kind will not disappear. Regretfully, that gnawing is the word "feminism." As I […]

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Feminism = Dignity and Integrity + Communication

I am a credentialed feminist. I had a subscription to Ms. Magazine as a teenager in the Midwest. I read all the feminist classics as a twenty-something college student in Chicago. I badly wanted to be in New York City circa 1970, on the vanguard, as so many feminist activists described their cutting edge activism—THE […]

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I don’t know who Gloria Steinem is

Well, ok, that’s not entirely true. I know who she is, and I certainly can Google her and find out everything I don’t know. But I don’t know about her the way that so many other women do, women who really understand the feminist movement and have been doing so much important, admirable work. I […]

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Why men should be interested in Feminism2.0

As a male it can be kind of daunting to approach the subject of feminism for the first time. After all, feminism is a movement "of women, for women," right? Is it even possible for men to be involved? Yes, and here’s one man’s take on why. As an immigrant rights advocate here in DC, […]

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NOW and Then: Feminist Political Activism Online

The way the feminist movement makes change happen — the way we communicate, reach out, and engage people — is not the same as it was two decades ago. Of course every effective movement changes with the times.  But when I looked back at the last couple of decades, remembering just how much NOW‘s work […]

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Lifetime Poll Pinpoints Negative Media Coverage of Clinton & Palin

In their sixth poll since November 2007, Lifetime’s Everywoman Counts campaign assessed what women were thinking, post-election. Their latest survey had partners WomanTrend and Lake Research conducting a nationwide telephone poll of 600 women.  The live interviews took place from November 21–24, with sampling controls to ensure proportional demographics reflecting race, age, and region.  The […]

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Progressive Women’s Voices — Changing the Conversation

The Women’s Media Center is putting out a call for women to join our Progressive Women’s Voices program. The deadline is December 15th. For more information, or to apply, click here. WMC President, Carol Jenkins, published the following commentary in The Huffington Post this week touching on the challenges of diversity in today’s media environment […]

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Mr. President-Elect, Where Are the Jobs for Women?

Today, in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times, Linda Hirshman asks a very important question about Obama’s proposed public works program to stimulate the economy: “Where Are the New Jobs for Women?” In the weekly address on Saturday, Obama said the administration will build roads and bridges, upgrade public schools, build out broadband, make […]

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Why We Need a Presidential Commission on Women

In the women’s movement, we talk a lot about giving women a voice. That’s fine, but we also need to make sure our voices are actually part of a conversation. That’s where a Presidential Commission on Women comes in. The Commission is the conversation – a national conversation – on the future of women in […]

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