Sexualization Is Silencing: WMC Statement and Petition on Hustler Attack on Conservative Pundit Cupp


Women’s Media Center has issued a statement and launched a petition against Hustler magazine’s offensive and objectifying fake photo of conservative S.E. Cupp in a graphic sexual act. Hustler’s position seems to be that because Cupp is for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, she’s fair game for any offensive attack they can dream up.

According to Julie Burton, Women’s Media Center President: “It makes no difference that Larry Flynt thinks he is opposing the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  His crude, sexist attacks on Ms. Cupp demean all women – and undermine his claim to support women’s rights.  As a pro-choice, feminist organization, we do not agree with Ms. Cupp’s stance. But the sexualization of women in the media is not a partisan issue — it’s an ongoing problem that makes it harder for women on both sides of the aisle to run for office and be taken seriously as political commentators and media makers.”

Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Flynt: don’t do us any favors.

Our petition calls on women and men, no matter where they are on the political spectrum, to stand with S.E. Cupp against media misogyny against outspoken women. No matter where they are on the political spectrum. Please sign, and join us in sending a message that Photoshopping a penis into a woman’s mouth isn’t satire, it’s just crude misogyny.


This post was originally published on Women’s Media Center and is cross-posted with permission.

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