TEDxWomen 2012: No Matter Where You Are

The worldwide phenomenon known as TED was started in 1984 when designer and architect Richard Saul Wurman noticed the complex, dynamic and culture-changing confluence of Technology, Entertainment and Design.  What began as a conference featuring powerpoint presentations about 3D computer technology and mapping systems has turned into an unparalleled, planetary-wide platform for artists, philosophers, designers, athletes, dancers, scientists, and others with innovative and creative ideas.

Since then, TED conferences have spawned TEDTalks – a constantly updated and rich resource of podcasts and videos available in more than 28 languages (Learn Out Loud has compiled a list of the 100 Best Ted Talks), TED Conferences all over the world, TEDGLOBAL, TEDActive, TEDWomen, TEDx and the TED Prize, which grants $1m to a person doing remarkable things.

This week TEDTalks reached a milestone when the videos produced as an offshoot of its events passed the 1 billion view mark.  Videos like this one which features author Courtney Martin on Reinventing Feminism:

In addition to the easily accessed TED videos though, one of the best outgrowths of this non-profit movement is the expansion of TED events, such as TEDWomen.  The 2012 TEDXWomen Conference, is  taking place in Washington, DC at the the United States Institute of Peace on November 30 and December 1, 2012 (this event is currently sold out, but there is a wait list.)

At the same time, more than 130 TEDx locally run conferences will be going on globally, a demonstration of the success of independent, local market organizing.  The Washington, DC TEDxAdamsMorganWomen meeting is one of these.  The theme for this event “The Space Between,” expands on a the theme of the concurrent TEDX Woman event: how to move shades of gray and resist binary and dichotomous approaches to thinking. Throughout the day and weekend, local meetings will stream sessions from the larger DC conference.

As with the main TEDWomen conference, speakers at TEDxAdamsMorganWomen  include a diverse group of thinkers, social justice activists, authors, designers, dancers, journalists, musicians and others.  It will take place during the course of one session-packed day.  You can  find out more by visiting their Facebook page and website and register and buy tickets here.

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